So basically what this does it’s not just an orange juicer it’s a citrus juicer So this unit will do oranges tangerines lemons limes grapefruits Pomegranates. The only thing you have to change is the cup size The cup size is what holds the uh the citrus and Juan here from zoom. Oh, well sure you Have different sizes So that’s what it says then this machine comes with the versatility of allowing you to Go with the system sometimes you’re gonna find or I guess this size that in three months, you’re gonna have to buy the bigger ones because there the only ones that are going to be available So our machine can handle all the sizes between 113 and 72 count trades the biggest orange that is producing So you’re not gonna be stuck with one machine where you don’t have. Oranges to put on but our machine comes with that. Also, What is unique about us is this twisted system Just imitate what you do by hand, which is just grab the orange bring it down slice it in two and then press and squeeze Squeeze it So our whole mechanism is down here. So that means that we just press and reduced work caused from the orange directly to the container never falls from the top of the machine like our Competitors our yellow balls on the top and everywhere everything happens here So it’s like a chht and then you have to drop all the way down. Oh shit The peel the parents should collect the acid or fertilizers pesticides So I had mean so in the end because you just dump the oranges in right. Yeah, your cutting and you’re getting just whats in the juice.rather than ya absolutely the other ones sprays the juice everywhere hits the peel of the previously squeezed orange So what you’re going to get on our machine is 30% more yield Better tasting orange juice or any juice as well as a better color The competitor will have more of a pale yellow grayish kind of look ours is Orange So again different cup sizes. We have a little filter system. It’s a little conveyor belt