Well hello there i’m so excited you’re coming with us to Merida close it’s Mérida I’m super excited because Yucatan Is the only destination in mexico that offers mayan ruins, beautiful beaches, colonial history And wild parties all in one – you forgot Cenotes, you’ve heard of Cancun, Tulum, Chichen Itza.. But let us tell you about This, ivory, gem that you will not want to miss.. especially during christmas. It is not only a Safe place to jump off all your adventures, it’s the only city that’s been Named the american capital of culture twice so far i want to understand the authentic local experience We are about to find out how. Much we can, do with $100 in Yucatan.. Car: Check Babe.. I’m serious Mexican people go crazy during this holiday I hope you don’t get scared off after this.. Well.. hopefully my first time celebrating Christmas won’t be my last This is Young, Wild and Cheap So, what is this place called? Wayan’e one of the most popular breakfast spots in Merida They open at 7:00 a.m.. And if you’re not here earlier they’ll run out of food This, is the famous Castacán pork belly cooked to a perfect crisp outside and juicy tender insides served with melted cheese Chilibul, honestly i don’t know, what’s in it since it’s a secret, recipe but i love it What makes Mérida unique from the rest of México.. is it the food the people? The way of Life.. You can leave your door open and you know nothing will happen you can walk home from being drunk at 4am. And you get home – nothing will happen We are the safest city in México the land is very very cheap We’re getting tacos here From one of the best, of the most famous taquerias in Yucatan for less.. a dollar. So what do you think about this place – It’s incredible And that dish that’s crispy pork wow I’m waiting for another taco of that So, the waitress just told me that Wayan’e means: “Here it is” Wayane, Aqui esta, here it is Short digestive walk away is Paseo de Montejo The ever Avenue in Mérida It was built in 1888 as a response to the booming economy due to the production of Henequen once called green gold Suddenly, wealth poured into Yucatan and this french inspired Boulevard spawned ‘Cause you know France was popping in the eighteen hundreds At the end of mansion district beats the heart of merida “Mérida” Thanks.. There are incredible restaurants, bars, live music you can walk around and hang out Amongst locals, whether it’s tuesday night or saturday morning there’s always something going on here it’s a, whole package for travelers So a cantina is basically a bar? Uhh kind of, but there’s a concept to it. Because you have a menu where you can order food But then you have a menu where the food come for free for each round – as long as you drink So on the first round they give you, some type of food that is not very expensive On the second round you get an upgrade, you get a little better food and then third round you get better food and so on so you don’t have to buy your food you just have to buy, your drinks and The food comes for free and the more drinks that you have The better food you have I’m beat – yeah, me too and with the plans i have for tomorrow. You better get some rest, oh my, god really, what is it? What is it? So after a quick bite of some street food favorites like polcanes and chicharra We are on our way to.. wait where are we going? Izamal, one of the first magic towns and one of oldest cities in Yucatan What’s a magic town? are there wizards..? Yeah, no Magic towns are this project that the Mexican government started in 2001 to promote towns that offer a magical experience and this one happens to be the favorite color Eburnean What!? no. Egg yolk That’s my favorite THING Iñigo.. yeah yeah whatever It’s literally all yellow You can, experience the three eras of México here from his rich ancient Mayan roots to colonial times to today’s vibrant diversity Why is it all painted yellow? Oh, there was a plague a long time, ago and when people were sick they’d painted their houses yellow to keep healthy people away… Really? No That’s just one of the many legends about it, most likely just a fad that got out of hand I guess it’s kind of up to you which one you believe Today for lunch i’m treating Teirra to her first Yucatecan delicatessen which happens to be in season right now yeah Handmade tortillas now, that’s legit The house special Almond venison sprinkled with red Peppers and the best Poc Chuc you’ve ever had served with the traditional pickled purple onions and red sauce How is it? Incredible Oof I could use a walk right now Let’s check out the ruins around the area before, we head back All right they’re, expecting us for drinks at this beautiful Hacienda – a what? In the time of the Spanish colony Haciendas were land given to rich individuals mostly spaniards to govern and profit from The Hacendados operated under their Own laws, the work force mostly consisting of indigenous peoples were dragged into, systemic debt slavery But, after the Méxican revolution, when people rose up and fought for equality there was land redistribution and things started to change Today some Haciendas are open to the public, even for free, some are owned by families or local businesses some are restaurants or wedding venues I think it’s really cool that guys can, acknowledge such a sad moment in history, while still admiring the beauty that remains Yeah, easily, the darkest chapter in our history On a lighter note Food? For dinner we’re going to the famous Taquitos de PM for an iconic tangy Sopa de lima, cochinita pibil very tender pork marinated in achiote Cumin, oregano, wrapped in banana leaves and cooked under ground And Queso relleno is that, just cheese? Hard dutch cheese Hollowed out and stuffed with, seasoned ground, beef topped with a hearty red sauce Beans first – in america tacos get treated as a dish on their own While here they’re more of a medium to get the perfect, bite Okay, let’s get some rest, because christmas eve is tomorrow. And we’re gonna need the energy so right now, we are at like this really famous really old Restaurants very big businessmen came like back in the fifties and then became like this spot and now it’s the most traditional spot for like families old family names They, come here – and here we go! a tower of two rounds of tostada beans and a fried egg Topped with a chunky tomato sauce hand garnished grandiosely with, cheese and peas This is a very traditional plate it’s like, a breakfast plate but, we eat it at lunch as, well This so you get a little bit of egg a little bit of kafka you put a little bit of this before and then you just eat it it’s kind of make it your, own so What should i expect from my first christmas – you know You want to be Crisp! for the really really long night you got ahead everyone i know, family gets together Give gifts most of them do go to, mass everybody is in there with, their entire family all dressed up. And then mass is done and everybody, goes like to their party A lot of them do have two or three parties to hit so you, go to the in-laws and then you go family For us i mean we’re, gonna end up in five six in the morning for sure i mean at least There would be a lot of religious aspects to it but that doesn’t mean that it cannot include everyone because, my meaning is The time that i get to spend the most important people in my life like you we are a very Family, based society, we have really great people. Really what Makes, Mérida unique.. people think that Mérida’s society is very close, maybe because, we like things a certain Way i don’t know, but you break that wall they’re, like the nicest people you’re, ever gonna meet they’re fun They, like to drink a lot, they like to party, we are a society that is really happy, we don’t live to work? we work to live i think that’s Like our motto Do whatever you, want just don’t be an asshole be a good person Trying to have a good time Don’t worry i have the perfect, thing for this hangover One of my favorite things about growing up here was having a beautiful nearly empty beach that is only thirty minutes away from downtown The summers are basically one huge party Right now, we are at El malecón de Progeso, which, is kind of like our boardwalk It is lined with incredible restaurants that serve food fresh of the water and it’s, also connected to the world’s longest pier Aaand I’m hungry Now for a post christmas surprise Teirra is going to try her second yucatecan delicatessen Also, luckily the season Sea Snail cooked according to preferences For me Arrachera Mexican style flank steak served with Argentinian chimichurri Well mi amor, that was Mérida, on christmas – Aww I don’t wanna leave yet. Okay, lets see how much money we got left. With $4 one cent to spare. guys thank you so much for an amazing first trip together, we hope you enjoyed it as much as We did thanks for joining us don’t forget to subscribe stay tuned for more young, wild and cheap travel hacks until next time. See you next country. i’m already excited for our next adventure