what the have you guys here really means
the world to us thank you for being here get yourself around the reply actually
has our very first youtube recently I’m not mistaken it was just last December
being a content creator really takes a lot out of the three third-person
creativity can be exhausting and dancing at the same time but I think pretty sure
we are the actors it’s well worth it when she sees you guys here so before we
started a small program we would like to open with Jed and Cherie I think of as
their addition of these beautiful songs so clean up make them feel welcome and
give them a resounding memory keepers round of applause with your phone’s up thank you guys
again once again get the dark favorite everyone
a little bit of themselves that they can share with the world
and you never know someone’s watching you guys could help them win or it can inspire
I would really encourage people to to also create their content and say things
are saying their opinions on so that they can also inspire me so Tribune
Chris Canada bugger give us a tutorial again drone so we are here right now at the YouTube
lounge angry about five and we’re gonna say with everyone here so excited could everyone so excited
because we’re going to eat okay hello thank you fo hi I’m Bob this
is the Christian box event at Greenville and we hope you’re having a great time
I’m here with Chris cha thank you Chris job by the eBay okay I am gonna give her close my eyes we’re gonna be eating
these nuggets McDonald’s buckets are like really
famous so I think everybody should get them a try
they’re really good for kids at heart and people that just want to feel the
moment if you if you know what I mean though yeah that’s all I can say I heard in the other one let’s introduce yourself first hello
memory keepers I’m analog please eat burger every day it’s good
for you the best one it’s a donut from Christie cream so guys
it’s a pretty good donut enjoy all right you guys by this next song is
inquiring and I hope that it will encourage each and every one of you
so you might read that one of us are fully known and loved by
God so I give all the you to be normal I’m here right now with juries and
judges they just sang a song and I’m gonna close it by saying thank you for
coming thank you for happy follow them in the Chou’s below and thank you for
coming everyone it’s so unusual what’s frightening if
you’re right through the mess inside me and call me out to pull me in you tell
me I and start again and I don’t need to keep on hurting
I’m fully not home and loved by you you wanna go home no matter what I do
and it’s not one or the other it’s hard truth ridiculous grace to be known fully
known and loved by you I’m running no home and loved by you you you