[ Indistinct chatter ] Mmm. Mmm. Oh, my God. School cafeteria ribs. After all that yogurt and crap
they gave me at the hospital. Mmm! ♪ I love
Barbecue Rib Day ♪ ♪ Yeah, I think maybe
I like Rib Day ♪ ♪ Even more than
Sloppy Joe Day ♪ ♪ It’s a difficult choice ♪ Wendy: Everyone? Everyone, can I
have your attention, please? Look, guys. We’re supposed to be
the young generation, right? We’re the ones upset about
the world our parents left us. Yeah, but eating
this kind of food makes us all
just as guilty. The millions and millions
of cows and pigs and chickens that we harvest every year are a
huge reason for climate change. It is up to us as students
to protest for change. Young voices matter! Without sustainable
and ethical food choices now, we’re proving to be no —
[ Yells ] Can I please just enjoy my lunch
for five God damn minutes. You gotta calm down, Eric,
Remember your condition — We all have freedom of speech but stop talking about climate
change during lunchtime! Okay, let’s sit down. Some of us are trying to
just enjoy some simple God damn barbecue ribs
and I — [Grunting, groaning ] Oh, God they did it
to me again, Butters. Eric!
I think this is the big one. Don’t let me die.
Somebody, help! Don’t let me d-
don’t let me die, butters! [ Groaning ]
[ Siren wails ] Clear.
[ Thump ] We got him back. Fuck you Wendy.