We know each other. You just haven’t
been on the show. Yes. Can you explain to people? Because I’d rather
hear your version. [LAUGHTER] I’ve never heard your
version of the story. But tell people how
we know each other. How we met. [LAUGHTER] I’m scared, because my
husband’s going to kill me for telling this story. But it’s my favorite story ever. And it’s the story of
how Ellen and I met. So Tom and I, my husband,
were on our honeymoon, which we delayed
because we shot I, Tonya at the beginning of
the year last year. And we had just gotten
married, but we had to put off the honeymoon part. And so we go to Tahiti. And we go on to this island
where you kind of live like Robinson Crusoe. Like, there’s just, like,
a shack that you stay in. And there’s no electricity. And there’s no mirrors
or anything like that. So we’d been there
for four days. And then the last
bit of the honeymoon was like a really nice
hotel, like a really luxury– it was lovely. And so we get there,
but it’s raining. And we’re like, oh– we, by the way, look disgusting. Because we haven’t seen our
own reflections in four days. And so we don’t
know what we look– By the way, they did not. [LAUGHTER] But we’re like, oh, what can
we do here when it’s raining? And they’re like, oh, you
know, there’s a lovely spa. Or there’s the gym. And we’re like, oh, I don’t
really want to work out. But I guess we could do
something at the gym. And so we get changed
to go to the gym. And Tom puts in these shorts
that are, like, his oldest gym shorts. And they’re tiny. And they’re really short. And there’s nothing underneath,
so they’re– you know, he gets on his
bicycle to ride there. And I was like, whoa. [LAUGHTER] I was like– [LAUGHTER] I was like, babe. I was like, you cannot
wear those shorts. They’re, like, you know– I can see everything. And he was like, oh, come on. Who are we going to run into? I mean– [LAUGHTER] –who’s going to be here? And I was like, you’re right. I mean, we’d just
been on an island where no one else
was for so long. So I was like,
yeah, you’re right. I mean, who are we going to see? And so we walk into the gym. And running on a
treadmill is Ellen. [LAUGHTER] And– And then on the treadmill next
to her is Portia, her wife. So Ellen looks over,
and she was like– Wait, and then– –hey. No, no, no. All right, go ahead. [LAUGHTER] That’s not even the best bit. But already, Tom and
are like, oh my god. [LAUGHTER] And Tom’s face has
just gone white. And you’re like, hi, hi. And I was like, oh my gosh. Ellen, so lovely to meet you. And you’re like, this
is my wife Portia. I was like, lovely
to meet you, Portia. I was already starstruck. And then you’re like,
have you met Obama? And we were like– [LAUGHTER] –what? And standing next to them is
former President Barack Obama. [APPLAUSE] I’m not kidding. I’m not kidding– in
a gym that is tiny. Yeah, the gym was the
size of this stage. It was the size–
like even smaller. It was a very confined space. And we then had
to do this whole– Oh my god. We had to do this whole class,
like this stretching class. But Tom, meanwhile, is trying
to not reveal anything. [LAUGHTER] And he’s dying. And I’m crying so much,
I’m about to crack a rib. And literally,
this gym instructor keeps saying to Tom, Tom, lunge. Lunge. You’re not lunging. [LAUGHTER] And Tom’s like trying
to lunge cross-legged. And Obama is stepping over his
legs to put his weights back. And the whole thing
was so absurd. It was– It was hilarious. It was hilarious. I mean, when she says
short-shorts, they were– I’m not exaggerating. They were to here– [APPLAUSE] –and wide. Like, they were wide. They were wide. On a bicycle– So when he was
lunging, we’re like– [LAUGHTER] And then at the end– And then he was on the ground
at one point, and stretching. [LAUGHTER] And this part, we’re
like, oh my god. Like– [LAUGHTER] We literally got to
the end of the class. And we’re doing a last stretch,
which was legs out like this. [LAUGHTER] And Tom’s now got a
towel on his crotch– Yeah. –trying to be modest. And his face just says it all. He’s like, I’m going
to kill myself. This is the worst
day of my life. And Ellen looks over
and goes, boy, those were the wrong
shorts to wear today. [LAUGHTER] Oh my god, it was hilarious. And then, like two days later– Way to break the ice. –we get laundry. And I start looking through. I was like, this is the
wrong– it’s a small– there’s only like 10 cabins. Yeah, it’s tiny. And I was like, this
is not our laundry. And then I come
across pink shorts. And I was like, oh,
I know whose this is. [LAUGHTER] I got Tom’s shorts. No, I know where these go. [LAUGHTER] Oh, my god. I can’t handle it. But I mean, so Obama was– so he was there. He happened to be
there writing his book. And so we were working
out with him every day. And when you walked in
and he’s in those shorts, I was like, oh, my god. This is going to be hilarious. This is– [LAUGHTER] It was honestly one
of the funniest things that’s ever happened. But he’s a huge fan
of yours, Obama. I didn’t even– I
obviously assumed that he would have no idea who I was. But when I walked in, you were
like, oh, do you know Obama? I was like, no. I was like, hello, sir. I don’t know what to call you. And he was like, hello, yeah. And he goes, you’re a
very talented actress. And I was like, oh my god. Obama knows who I am. And he’s like, we were
just talking about you the other night. I was like, you were? What? You were? [LAUGHTER] Yeah. That’s crazy. No. He’s he knows what’s going on. Yeah, he’s up with it. He was so nice. So I got you and Tom a gift. I didn’t know if
he’d be here today. No. But just so it
doesn’t happen again– [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] And there’s– [APPLAUSE] Oh my god. There’s some mesh in here– [LAUGHTER] –to hold it all together. Thank you. You’re welcome. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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