if that’s the case,
you get that? Uh… About ten. Jon:How many people
did you pour liquor
– into their mouths last night?
– Half the whole bar. You didn’t even have
to sell a drinkto make money last night,
did you?
Come here, shake your ass,
give away his booze, and leave with your money. – What’s your name?
Nini.– What do you do
when you’re here?
– Bartend. I try to clean up
as much as possible. How many drinks did you
give away last night? I gave away two free drinks
and two free Jell-O shots. How do you feel when you see
all this going on? It’s really sad. Everybody just parties,
and nobody cares. I wanna do the best
that I can for them. Why? What is your
relationship with them? They’re my brother and sister. It’s my niece
that gets involved. I don’t want her
to get hurt in the end. This is for her. – It really does hurt me.
– This is a family crisis. This is more than a bar,
right?What do you want
to say to them?
I love everybody, you know,
but it has to change. It may not be easy, but we
all have to do it for them.We all have to do it
I want you guys to see the true impact
of your thievery. I put a system in here
called Partender. Partender measures the amount
of alcohol in every bottle. Over the last three days, you sold $3,750
worth of liquor. The losses…
$11,000 you gave away. It is so obnoxious.
It is so over-the-top. It is so offensive.I can’t even
( bleep ) believe
I’m even seeing
these numbers, Vin.
You better do
your ( bleep ) job
and not lean on me
to do it for you.
Vin, help me, man! This has to stop. I want you to act
like a goddamn owner! You ( bleep )
fire someone now!