We’ve come to THE BROOK RESORT & SPA in YERCAUD , we are going to review this place. This is the first time we are going to review not only the food alone but also the Inn. This place is very calm. [MUSIC] We are going in , this place is beautiful from outside. This is the view from Reception area. We got the permission for shooting this place. This place is very nice. One more thing is , this place’s CUISINE have TRIBAL FOOD. We came to the right place. [MUSIC] This place is very calm , I can feel little Breeze. Look at this ! That is a Tree Top House. That is the way for the house. This resort has this types of room. I’ll share the details with you later. We’ve got the corner end room . MANO : Your Suit Case is not at all obeying dude. [MUSIC] [IRFAN AMAZED] I thought that the room is small when I entered , but this place strongly denied my thoughts. We prefer this area more than the bed room . This is JACUZZI , we can lie on this and this hole is for water supplication . The water will come in force motion. It will be like a massage for us. I used this when I was in US. This JACUZZI supplies only normal water. If it were a hot water JACUZZI ,it would’ve been good for this climate. I can tell more about this when I bath . I don’t know what is behind the door . [MUSIC] This place suits married couple more . This is not my final review but I feel this place has more Privacy. You can come if you are married otherwise, You can come if you are a PLAYBOY like DINESH. [DINESH : SHOW OFF HIS ARMS PROUDLY] DINESH : [LATER REALIZE AND SAYS] Not like that , this man is spoiling my name. DINESH : We’ll kid each other like this. MANO : We will release a video soon about IRFAN’S ATROCITIES. [IRFAN CHANGES THE TOPIC] DINESH : This is the right place for DJ . But we don’t have speaker. DINESH : Our mobile phone itself enough dude. Wait wait wait!!! Hear that!! We can experience 100% nature here , With so much peace. RESTROOM .
[MANO SIGHS] This is the bathing area , You must close this slides while you bath. The outer area should remain dry. Normal size REST ROOM. We will show , what are all the Complimentary things they’ve provide. TWO DENTAL KITS , ONE COMB , SOAP , MOISTURIZER ,
CONDITIONER , SHAMPOO , SHAVING KIT , In DENTAL KIT we have tooth brush and paste , in SHAVING KIT razor