mortem of a new themed restaurant where you may have to wrestle someone to get your food the WWF is ready to smack down some meals and we were there as their top wrestlers like the rock we’re welcomed as the new kids on the eating block the good guys arrived to Cheers shredding The Rock’s thing the bad guys arrived to booze they think I’m a bad guy but they don’t know look at these guys would I be a bad guy then either way wrestling fans went wild for their favorite and not so favorite WWF superstars at the opening of a new restaurant bar in New York’s Times Square we’re right in the middle of it all that’s really where we belong earlier in the day sexy female wrestler ivory gave us a guided tour of the new 46 thousand plus square foot complex ok so this is one of our bars here Access Hollywood come with ivory and have a cocktail okay here we are the nightclub scene we’ve got a dance floor for everyone to pull you down tonight and it’s a Jenna you know this used to be the old Paramount Frank Sinatra is saying on that very stage behind me but there’s a really neat cage room I want to show you well if you like rock and stone call to be doing their autograph signings and at the banner wait for WWF star The Rock whose book The Rock says just hit number one on the bestseller list record time too for that matter it’s fantastic feeling obviously it’s a testament to the passion of the rocks fans and you can also find a rock gracing one of four special wrestling covers of next week’s TV Guide dressed in presidential garb along with Triple H mankind and China so that’s what the Rock’s cooking well those issues of TV Guide well beyond stands Monday and if you want to see more from the wrestler as well you can check out the TV guide channel and we will be back in just a moment