Thanks for tuning in guys,sit back and relax for all the news from the world of wrestling Guys apparently been a
confrontation between Dolph
Ziggler and Goldberg over the past 24 hours. The incident, which took place at
Andiamo Italian Steakhouse in
Las Vegas, saw the two WWE Superstars get in each other’s
faces, though things were
broken up by UFC’s Eryk Anders. On social media, Goldberg said
how the Steakhouse was a
regular stop for him and that the Showoff should be
thankful that he still wasn’t
hungry. Fans will remember the pair’s
match at SummerSlam this year,
where the Hall of Famer flattened Ziggler in minutes, as
it seems there’s still some bad
blood between these two former
World Champions. It’s quite possible that this could
all be a storyline setting up for
match, and with WWE’s next Saudi Arabia show taking place next
month, it’s possible that
Goldberg could be back for that. WWE may be travelling to Saudi
Arabia in October, but the
company toured the Philipines this week, where a
huge title change took place. During a show in Manila, EC3
pinned R-Truth to capture his
second 24/7 Championship, though this reign was just as
short as his first. Thanks to an assist by Chad Gable,
Truth was able to regain the title making the rapping Superstar
a 16-time 24/7 Champion. Though Drake Maverick is good
friends with EC3, and the former
Impact World Champion was Maverick’s best man at his
wedding, it seems the green
and gold title has caused friction between
the two. When Maverick saw the news of
his friend’s title win and loss, the
British star wasn’t happy, saying. “Mate? You knew where he was
and didn’t tell me?” In response, Carter said that he
told Maverick he was in Asia
and accused the Brit of not listening to
him anymore. Hopefully Maverick will be able to
regain the title soon, as it seems
that former Rockstar Spud is still yet to consummate
his marriage to his wife Renee,
which has clearly caused tension for the not-so-happy
couple. Speaking of married drama, the
issues between Mike and Maria
Kanellis continued to escalate this week, when the
first-ever pregnant 24/7
Champion revealed that her husband isn’t the
father of her baby. Though Maria later hinted that
Ricochet, and later Rusev was
the actual baby-daddy, it seems that there’s still a lot of
questions, though one man may
have the answers. After WWE tagged Maury Povich’s
show in a post about the story, the
legendary presenter replied, saying that he’s got two
words for you… Paternity Test. Having Maury on the show could
certainly bring some mainstream
exposure to the storyline and we also can’t wait to see
what Ricochet and Rusev’s “I’m not the daddy dance”
looks like on live TV. With Maury possibly coming to
RAW, this development makes
us sure that Paul Heyman is behind all this, as hopefully
fans will soon hear those iconic
words “you are NOT the father.” Though Maury Povich may be
supporting WWE, the same
can’t be said for former ESPN anchor Keith Olbermann, who
took shots against Braun Strow
man during a baseball game. Strowman recently appeared on
Fox Sports during a match to
promote WWE SmackDown moving to the Fox Network, though
Olbermann took to Twitter, asking
if they were kidding. Responding, the Monster among
Men kept his cool about the
situation, treating Olbermann as a fan, saying that
it’s unreal how good he looked
on the show. Olbermann wasn’t the only ticked
off Twitter user though, as
weatherman Kevin Lightly also voiced his displeasure at
seeing Strowman, calling him
“some WWE dude.” Strowman wasn’t going to take this
lying down either and asked
Lightly if he was mad because people wanted to see
him on TV, and gave arguably
the most bizarre threat ever when he said he’d come show
him how to forecast the weather. The Greatest Royal Rumble
winner wasn’t alone in all this
though, as several WWE stars defended
the industry, including Corey
Graves, the Blue Meanie and Hall of
Famers X-Pac and Mark Henry. Let this be a lesson to any out
siders who feel the need to poke
fun at wrestling, that we are a united and
passionate group. Strowman may have caused some
drama when he promoted Smack
Down’s move to FOX, but the hype train continues to
the blue brand’s debut on
October 4th. That show will feature Brock
Lesnar face Kofi Kingston for
the WWE Championship in what will be Lesnar’s first
match on a TV show in
fifteen years. One Superstar who knows all
about the blue brand is Matt
Hardy, who captured the tag team, Cruiserweight and US titles whilst
part of SmackDown, and
recently spoke with Inside the Ropes about
his career. When talking about his various
gimmicks, Matt said he would
like to use his V1 character again down the
line, saying: “I would like to incorporate ‘Version
1’ at some point just because
people bereave the Matt facts and the entrance music. I do, to a
degree. So that’s definitely some
thing I game plan, but there’s also new stuff. There’s a couple
of other things in the back of my
mind that I would like to utilize, but I would like to be this
crazy, constant stream of change
character on television…” In an age where nostalgia is all
the rage, bringing Matt Hardy
V1 back could be a good idea, and fans will get to see a whole
new wave of Matt facts for the
modern day. Back in the ring now and whilst
Chad Gable didn’t become King
of the Ring this week the Olympian got his revenge
the next night. During the coronation of King Baron
Corbin on SmackDown Live, Gable
was able to tackle the Lone wolf through his thrown, and
destroyed the entire set, including
Corbin’s crown and cape. According to the Wrestling Observer,
the man responsible for Gable’s
actions is none-other than Vince McMahon, who is reportedly
high on the SmackDown Superstar. Even though Gable’s gimmick of
the scrappy underdog may not
really seem like an upper tier player, McMahon appreciates
what he brings to the table, as
the Observer reported: “Even though Gable is doing this
gimmick that screams undercard
babyface we’re told Vince really likes and
appreciates him and considers
this a push.” Gable is one of the most talented
wrestlers WWE have, so time will
only tell whether this push leads to anything, though with Vince Mc
Mahon behind him, things certainly
look bright for the Olympian. Some very serious news now, as
the state of California has
adopted the AB-5 into law, and the ruling could change a
lot of things about WWE. The new law says that companies
must consider independent
contracts as fully-fledged employees, which could cause a
massive overhaul in how Mc
Mahon does business. recently spoke to
attorney Eric D Anderson about
the law, and though there was a time where people believed that
non-California based companies,
such as WWE didn’t have to worry about the
ruling, it’s not as simple as that.
He said: “They won’t be exempt under the
law as it stands now. What they
may do is seek to fall under an exemption like with a “loan-out
company”. That is where the talent
owns a production company and the WWE contracts with the
production company and not
the talent.” Anderson even suggested WWE
could avoid the state all together
to avoid the law, and only return once a year for a major event
such as Summerslam or Wrestle
Mania, with the 37th edition of the flagship show rumored to
be held in LA in 2021. With that said though, Anderson
also spoke about WWE doing a
lot of business in California outside of wrestling, so it
seems that the company has some big decisions to make
in the coming months. Speaking of big, we all know that
WWE is the biggest promotion in
the world and therefore have the resources
to sign practically anyone to their
roster. As a result, this has led to a huge
pool of talent, though many fans
claim that there are too many stars, and not
enough time to showcase them. This week
noted that WWE had 90 wrestlers
on the main roster and 59 in training in 2014, but
now have 129 on their roster,
and 136 in training today. This star marks the first time that
WWE have had more wrestlers
on their roster than WCW ever did, a worrying sign for
fans who remember the
Monday Night Wars. During the wars, many fans
believed that WCW had too many
wrestlers under contract being un-used, and though some fans
believe the same about WWE
today, there is at least more places to showcase them,
thanks to RAW, SmackDown Live,
205 Live, NXT and NXT UK. Though the current roster may be
ready to burst, don’t expect WWE
to slow down anytime soon, as with the launch of AEW as well as
growing competiton from New
Japan and other promotions, the Sports Entertainment juggernaut
doesn’t want to risk losing any
wrestlers to the opposition. And finally, today we’re looking at
Brat Wyatt, as the WWE is making
a big deal about his upcoming Hell in a
Cell match. At the Pay Per View on October
6th, the Fiend will challenge for
the Universal Title against Seth Rollins, and the company
recently sent out a pretty intense
video promo for the show. Wyatt himself is heavily featured
throughout the promo, which
also contains a lot of references to the
Firefly Fun House. Wyatt has even called Hell in a
Cell his happy place, and
though the Eater of Worlds is winless inside the satanic
structure thus far, many fans are
expecting that to change very soon. Though Rollins may have
conquered a beast at Summer
slam to win the title, and a Monster at Clash of
Champions to regain the gold,
nobody is quite like the Fiend and it may be just a matter of
time before the Architect’s
descent into Hell, culminates with a new WWE
Universal Champion.