STATE STUDENTS. BUT IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT THE QUALITY OF FOOD… NEW AT SIX… KAKE’S ANNETE LAWLESS FINDS SOME STUDENTS WHO SAY THE CHANGE MAKES THEM FEAR FOR THEIR SAFETY. Students over at Fairmount Towers were told that this semester, they would have to go from the north end of campus and then make their way to mid-campus to Shocker Hall to eat some of their meals. It’s news that’s frustrated some students. “I was excited to have a cafeteria right below my dorm, to be able to just go.” YET THAT ALL CHANGED WHEN EMILY (MEDDER) MEADOR RETURNED TO CLASS THIS SEMESTER… WHEN SHE LEARNED THE DINING HALL RIGHT OUTSIDE FAIRMOUNT TOWERS IS BEING RENOVATED. IN AN E-MAIL TO STUDENTS, THEY WERE TOLD BREAKFAST AND DINNER WOULD STILL BE SERVED. BREAKFAST IS CONTINENTAL. DINNER WOULD BE A BURRITO BAR… “I actually haven’t even gone yet because it doesn’t sound appealing.” FOR THOSE WHO WANT LUNCH, THEY CAN WALK TO SHUTTLE TO THE NEW SHOCKER HALL. “That can be 10 minutes. That can be 15 minutes. And sometimes I’m alone waiting for the shuttle and I’m nervous and I’ll call my dad and just say ‘hey, I want you to know where I’m at.'” AFTER A WOMAN WAS RAPED AND BURNED THIS FALL…. NOT FAR FROM THE WICHITA STATE CAMPUS…. EMILY SAYS THAT OPTION IS THE ONE SHE’S MOST CONCERNED ABOUT. THOUGH THERE ARE EMERGENCY “BLUE LIGHTS” AND OTHER SAFETY MEASURES, SHE’S NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THE CHANGE. “I don’t think there is enough security to stay with a student while they wait for a shuttle.” Emily would like to see some change with this dining situation, but above all, she would like to see some programming in regards to student safety. At Wichita State, Annette Lawless KAKE News STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED TO EAT ALL MEALS OVER AT SHOCKER HALL. KAKE NEWS CONTACTED THE GENERAL MANAGER OF DINING SERVICES TODAY, BUT WE HAVE NOT HEARD BACK FOR COMMENT.