Is this for the SIM card, or another one?
Yes. Ah.
We’re closed. But, eh. You’re closed? Yes. You’re closed, really?
Sorry. But you have the SIM cards right there. You could just sell me one right now. We closed sir. You’re closed? Oh. But how do I get a SIM card? Outside. Outside where? Help me. Medan city. Uh?
Medan city. Medan city? There will still be shops I can get at this time? Even at like 10 o’clock , 11 o’clock, you think I can still get one? Yes?
No? [laughter]
No. I have to wait until tomorrow you think? In the city? Help me. Haha. I just arrived. I have no internet. Cannot. I can not get anywhere? Okay, I am without internet. Okay, bye bye. Okay, well, looks like your man’s without internet. How’s he gonna survive in 2019 with no internet? Hello. How are you? Hi. You know where I can get a SIM card? This one, she said she is closed. I can not speak English. Ah.
Only a little. Eh, phone. SIM card. SIM card. Yeah. She say closed. Closing. Oh yes. Another, another? Ah, I don’t know about this. Ah, you don’t know. Ah, okay. I will look. I will look. Okay, bye bye. Nice to meet you. Bye bye.
Nice to meet you too. Okay. Looks like the locals here are friendly at least. That’s nice. What’s that? Nah, it’s alright mate. You can do one. Right, let’s have a look up here. I reckon there’s nothing else. So, eh. Hang on, what’s after this? Circle K. You’d think this, like a 7-Eleven type shop, they would sell SIM cards, wouldn’t you? You would think that. Like in Thailand, you can just walk into 7-Eleven and get a SIM card. Let’s see what the bloke’s saying. They’re chillin’. Hi. You sell SIM card? For mobile phone, no? No. You know where I can get? You can get over there. The red one? She said she closed already. She is there but she says she is closed. She won’t sell to me. Another one? Only this one? Yes, just only one.
Ah. Is there somewhere, if I take the train to Medan city, is there a shop will still be open that I can buy a SIM card, you think, or no? Ah, yes. Yes? They don’t sell in this type of shop, like Circle K? They only sell in like the telecom shops? Telekomsel, it’s only Telekomsel. Ah, I’m going to take the train to Medan city. Okay, so I scan it. Yeah, yeah, you can sir.
Like this? Okay, good. It’s good. Which way do I go? This way? Okay. Thank you. Okay, so this train doesn’t look too bad at all. Let’s have a look. I whole cabin to myself and some nice comfortable leather seats. Not too shabby at all, for 100 thousand Rupiahs to the city centre. Right, just arrived at the main train station, which is right next to this massive mall. Which is open for another 15 minutes so I’m darting over there to see if I can get my SIM card. Without that, no Google Maps. That means I’m gonna get lost. And no ride hailing apps either. That means I’m gonna get scammed by tuk-tuk drivers and taxis. So, eh, yeah. Let’s go. Hello. Can I buy SIM card here. SIM card?
Yeah. Only for one year. One year?
Yeah. I need for one month. No. You don’t do for tourists, no? Ah, okay. No problem. Thank you. Here we go. Telekomsel. Ah, hello. How are you? Ah, this here. Yeah? Only Indonesia. This only for Indonesia? Yes.
Okay. This say? Grapari Telkomsel. Grapari, okay. I give them my passport, they can do SIM card for me.
Yes, yes. This closing, what time today closing? Ten. 10 o’clock? In 15 minutes, right? Maybe closed. Closed? Maybe now closed you think, yeah? Ah, okay. I go look. Eh, maybe you go tomorrow. Ah okay. But maybe open, yeah? I will look. Yes. First floor?
Level one. This, up one? Yes. Okay. Level one. Okay, thank you. Yes.
Thank you. Bye. Go up one? Up here? Up here and up? Okay, thank you. Okay. Oh there it is there. I think there it is there. Grapari. That is it, Grapari and it’s bloody closed. So yer man’s done. No SIM card today then. Right, 10 minutes worth of this mall. Maybe I’ll try to find something to eat. Okay, so this mall has got all these little hawker stands. Like a food court type hawker stands. Unfortunately they’re all closed, aren’t they? They’re all washing up. Hi how are you? Hi. Aye, they’re all cleaning up. There’s yer man sweeping the floor. Aye. Just too late for everything I guess so what I’m gonna do now is just get out of this gaff, go to my hotel and see if there’s anywhere to eat around there and get the SIM card in the morning. Well I guess the trip to the mall’s not going to be a total waste of time. Got the essentials, Coke Zero. Right, let’s try some of the local chocolate while we’re at it. We could try a fake Kit Kat or fake M&Ms or a pair of Nockers. But I reckon I’m gonna try this Silver Queen. How much is that? 17,000? This looks like it’s cashews and chocolate. Right, let’s give this a try. Okay, this is what I look for. You can wait, eh, go down. In front of the fountain. Yeah, in front of the fountain, yeah. This a car or taxi? Car.
Car, yeah, okay. So I look for, registration? Yeah. And this the type of car? Type of car. Okay. Avanza. Okay. Thank you very much. Very helpful. Thank you. Bye. Okay, great. She just order me a GoJek which is like a Grab or an Uber, which is gonna save me getting ripped off by one of these taxi drivers. So that’s very nice of her. Right, I’ll just have to go and wait for it, by the fountain, over there. Oh, here. BK 1865. Hello. This my one. Hello. This, Jalan Puri. Puri, eh?
Yeah. How are you? Fine. I don’t have the GoJek app but my friend order for me. Okay. Thank you. Okay, so, I dunno if that girl meant to do that, but they money’s came of her GoPay account so I’m gonna have to go back tomorrow to that mall and give her the cash. Ah, hello. How are you? Let’s go in here. Sir, this is two nights? Two nights, yes. Where are you from? UK. Do you have many guests from UK before, yes? What? Do you have many guests from UK? Here, at this hotel? No.
No? Your guests mostly local people or from Malaysia? Oh, yeah, I know. Okay, this the key? It’s big. Yes. Haha, why so big? It’s not gonna fit in my pocket. What is the wood? The wood is for what? Oh, this is the key and this is, eh, okay. I’m probably gonna take that off to be honest. [laughter] This is not gonna fit in my pocket. Is this so people don’t lose the key, right? I know sir.
Ah, okay. Okay, well I’m gonna have to lose this wooden bit because, yeah, not gonna fit in my pocket. Mm, now your camera is on. My camera, yes. I make video about Medan. Okay, no problem. For YouTube? Do you know YouTube, yeah? Yeah. Okay, I make fun video. I make fun video for the YouTube, yes. Yes. Okay. This wood. I am sort of famous. Oh really, ah? No.
No? Why you lie to me? Uh? Maybe after I make this video your hotel will be famous. No.
No? You don’t think so? Oh well. We’ll see. At least if anyone try to break into my room, I have weapon now. I can hit them. Huh, huh, huh, huh. Like this. Don’t you dare come into my room. I whack. [laughter] What? What you say? You say I’m crazy? Fill information in form. Okay. I have to fill this out. Okay, thank you. See you, bye. Okay. Let’s take my plank of wood upstairs I reckon. Okay. Just random people hanging around in the lobby, dunno if they’re guests or whatever. Let’s have a look at what this room is gonna be like. My expectations are pretty low, I have to say. This way? Okay. Looks like this is some of the menu from that cafe downstairs. Pretty cheap. Okay. I’m more interested in the strawberry milkshake to be honest mate, but okay, I’ll go and check out my room. This is my room? Okay. There’s your room. Okay, see you. Bye. See you. Right, okay. So here we are. Let’s have a look at this place. Well here’s my single bed, wow, in this tiny little room. And basically that’s all it is. It’s a room, with a tiny little bed and a tiny little telly there and do we have a decent enough bathroom? Well. Where’s the shower? Okay. It’s pretty small but I reckon I could make do with it for two nights and let’s have a look out here. Oh, I do have a wee bit of a view. Not bad. Okay. Okay, so, no fridge for me to put my Coke Zero, unfortunately. Does this even have air conditioning? Well I guess it doesn’t, considering how much I paid for it. Oh wait, there is! That’s bloody surprising isn’t it? Right, wait til I tell you guys how much I paid for this room. This wee room. What would you say? What would you say this room was worth? What? 20 quid? 15 quid? A tenner? Nah, nah, nah mate. Nah. 8 US dollars. You’re talking like 6 quid British. 8 dollars a night your man’s paying for this. Like I said, my expectations were pretty low considering the price and I guess this is about what I was expecting for an 8 dollar a night room. Check it out. Oh my god, the springs, ooft. [laughter] Oh I wish you could feel it. This is. It’s like a springy mattress. But I reckon I can make do, as long as it’s got air conditioning I reckon I can make do. I don’t plan on spending too much time in this room. Right, so, in fact I don’t even want to spend any time in it now. I want to go outside, find something to eat, and, eh, aye, come back and sleep on that springy bed I guess. [laughter] OYO, OYO. Okay, here’s the room service menu. Looks like you can get Nasi Goreng, which is rice and a bunch of stuff, for like a dollar. It’s pretty decent for room service prices, isn’t it? And ice cream for like 50 cents. So that’s pretty decent, but I reckon I’m gonna take my Coke Zero and I reckon I’m gonna go outside and have a wee explore to see if I can find some food. If not, I’ll come back and eat this. Oh aye, what I did as well. You might notice the key’s missing from that. Aye. That’s because it’s in my pocket. Aint’ carrying that stupid thing. What kind of ridiculous person has the idea of? Anyway. It’s absurd isn’t it? It’s bloody absurd. Right, haha. I’ll go out – find food. Let’s go exploring. Which way you think I can find food? Outside, food. Yes. Yes, which way? If I should go walking this way or walking this way? You think maybe walking this way? Maybe find some Nasi Goreng or something like this. You know somewhere? Come on. Okay, good. This man knows where the best Nasi Goreng is in this area. It’s good Nasi Goreng? Up here? Just right here? You no speak English? Oh, no problem, but you know Nasi Goreng, yeah? Okay. Oh that’s bloody loud isn’t it? Yeah. Name restaurant, Food Courts. Food Courts? It’s up this way? Yes, now, um. 500 meters. 500 meters, up this way? Yes. Oh, not this way? No. Up this way? 500 meters? Okay. Called Food Courts? Yes.
Okay, thank you. Bye. See you. Okay. Apparently up this way, we can find somewhere called Food Courts, to eat some decent Nasi Goreng. Just wandering the streets of this city, late at night, no worries in the world. Looks safe enough though, doesn’t it? Hi. Hi, how are you? Hi. I am good, I’m good. Looks safe enough. Just a white man in an area where foreigners don’t stay, apparently the guy said, it’s only getting locals guests in that 8 dollar a night hotel room. No worries though. Just wander the streets with bloody GoPro in my hand. That’ll be safe enough, won’t it? Let’s walk up here. Well I reckon this is the place and they’re playing loud music here. Live band, so I’ll probably just gonna eat my food and do a voiceover over it. Okay. What one this? This one what? This looks good. Yeah. Name for this? Name? You have menu? Okay. Follow this little girl. Menu, menu. Okay, I want to sit over here. It’s too loud. Thank you. Okay, well the guy’s just stopped playing music so I’ve got a chance to actually bloody speak and be heard by you guys. I’m gonna go for this Nasi Goreng special for 27,000. Have a look around. This only white sweaty face around here. [laughter] But right, how do I order? Need to find a waitress or something. Maybe I speak to them over there. This guy’s notice that I need some attention. He’s like “Come on!” “Serve the white man, serve the white man. He needs attention.” Hi. [laughter] The bloke’s like “I don’t speak English.” He’s like “Go on, go on mate. You can do it.” “You can do it, you big…. so and so.” Okay. Hi, how are you? I want the Nasi Goreng Special. Okay, only this. Yeah. Only this, okay? Next. Next? Need more? This not big enough? Oh drinks. Okay. What is good? This all fresh? Fresh? Ah, good. Maybe I’ll do a mango. Fresh mango. Okay, good. Thank you. Thanks. I felt a bit cheeky sitting here with my Coke Zero so I kinda like felt obliged to order a fruit juice. Okay, well we’re in between songs again. Just as he starts a new one. I can just quickly tell you that mango is delicious and definitely freshly blended. Fantastic. Here we go. Is this mine? Is it mine? Yes it is. Okay, thank you very much sir. Thank you. Okay. Just as they finish that song, I’ll tell you what I’ve got here. I’ve got the fried egg. I’ve got some prawn crackers. I’ve got a big lump of chicken there and just some egg fried rice with some sauce and that is basically Nasi Goreng for you. Just a cheap, delicious, Indonesian meal. Lovely. Lovely, lovely. Guess what? Right after I finish vlogging, the band stops for the night. That’s them finished. They’re taking down their sign and everything like that. Brilliant timing, eh? If I’d come here like 10, 15 minutes later I could have done a better job of this vlog, but anyway have a look here. I’ve got the Nasi Goreng rice, the fried chicken and the egg all on one spoonful. Gonna give this. That is amazing. Yum, yum, yum. I’ll just get my change here. Okay, thank you very much. Cheers. Okay, looks like there’s a hotel right about this place. That might be handy, innit? If you want to just stay here and eat yourself to death in this food court every day. But anyway, I was gonna leave the guy a tip, but they added 5% service charge, So I think that is sufficient. Right, back to the hotel. Get out of this place. Okay. Just thinking. I’m checking my pockets there, I’m like “where’s my GoPro?” I’m pretty sure I had that in my pocket when I came. Nah, I’m holding it. Okay, see you. Thank you so much.
Yeah, it was very nice. Nasi Goreng was delicious mate. Cheers. Okay. Seem, eh, seems like a lot of the guys here quite camp. I’ve noticed that, already. Right. Hi. Girl’s waving at me. Girls in Hijabs, waving at me. You don’t see that every day, do you? [laughter] But anyway. Okay. Down here, my hotel. Hi. Okay, so I’m back in my crap hotel room, where I just had a nice hot shower. Wasn’t too bad actually. A pity the AC isn’t cooling me down right now. That’s been on 16 degrees for the last hour and a half and I tell you for a fact, this room aint’ no 16 degrees. Maybe more like 30. Anyway. What do I think of this hotel room overall? Well. I paid for a crap hotel room. I expected to get a crap hotel room and that is exactly what I did get – is a crap hotel room. And I’m fine with pretty much everything. I’m fine with this. There’s a wee few things they could improve on. You know, they could they could get a wee laptop table for the bed or something like that. Wouldn’t cost too much. Or they could have the option for like 50 cents a day to rent a wee mini fridge. You know, they would buy it for like 30 dollars and make their money back renting it out to the rooms. Those kind of wee things, would improve the experience, but the one thing I really, really do not like is this bed, and I can’t describe in words how uncomfortable this is, other than saying it’s just ridiculously springy and and they worst mattress I’ve every lay on in my life. I was gonna say slept on, I don’t know if I’ll even be able to sleep on this bloody thing. But hey, maybe the sound will give you and idea of how bad it is. Does that give you an idea? That crunching? Yeah. Let’s have a look. Oh, Jesus. Well, as you can see as well, it is basically just a wrecked mattress. That is done. That is shot out. A shot out old mattress. So, to buy a foam mattess, which is completely durable and wont get wrecked like this, probably costs the same as a spring mattress, so I dunno why a cheap hotel wouldn’t just buy the foam mattresses. Other than the fact that they probably didn’t even buy this mattress. They probably just found it in a skip. Eh, so that’s the difference innit? Ah, but aye. [laughter] That’s me from my 8 dollar hotel room. The cheapest hotel I’ve ever slept in in my life. The worst mattress that I might possibly, or might not, sleep on in my life. And I hope you enjoyed the video. Tomorrow I’ll be exploring Medan and there’ll be another video coming soon about that. So, for now, see you.