What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Las Vegas And Sin City has bigger rip offs than that over priced mini-bar in your room Today i’m going to be sharing with you the biggest tourist traps, scams, and ripoffs to avoid On your next trip to Las Vegas Make sure to tell me down below in the comments If any of these have ever affected you. Here we go. We are going to start with something you need to avoid Seconds after you step off the plane The slot machines at the airport While it may seem fun to start your gambling right away Just a few minutes into your vegas trip Let me tell you that these machines right here Have some of the worst payouts in town Not to mention you don’t get free booze For sitting around Which to me is half the fun Of gambling.. So save your betting until you get to the casino This scam is so common it even affected me my first trip to Las Vegas And it involves taking a taxi from the airport It’s called Longhauling Where instead of taking the local route What the taxi is going to do Is take the freeway instead Which is going to add at least an extra 10 dollars to your bill Watch how I handle this How are you? We’re going to Treasure Island I don’t want to take the tunnel. I want to take Swenson So remember When you talk to your driver tell them you don’t want to take the tunnel And if you want to get more specific Say that you want to take Swenson Or go the local route And also there are exceptions to this rule If you’re staying on the Northern part of the strip Let’s say the stratosphere Or west of the strip Let’s say Rio
It actually could make sense To take the freeway so make sure to check google maps In advance. Almost every single hotel in Las Vegas Charges the dreaded resort fee Which I think is one of the biggest rip offs out there It can be up to 45 dollars a night extra To cover such things as wi-fi, access to the pool, business center. Not necessarily things you’re going to be using during every stay anyway It’s never shown next to the price. It’s always something you’re going to be paying after Even in many cases if you book with reward points There are a couple of ways to get around it One would be if you gamble a lot.. They’ll certainly waive it Another would be if you have loyalty in a certain program Let’s use Caesars as an example If you’re Diamond with Caesars At any of their properties You would have the resort fee waived And then there’s another way.. which to me Just kind of justifies things a little bit And it’s called the $20 trick This is a city that runs on tips What you have to do Is stick a 20 dollar bill in between a credit card and your license When you check in And the front desk clerk Usually knows what’s going on I did that exact thing right here At Treasure Island And what you have to say is.. Do you have any complimentary upgrades available? Normally if they have upgrades available Which they usually do They’ll put you in a higher floor room With a view of the strip Which is what we got here at Treasure Island And on top of that for 20 dollars I got a bottle of champagne It helps to ease the pain of that resort fee a little bit Getting any kind of an upgrade There’s actually a website that you can go to To see if your hotel is a good candidate for the 20 dollar trick The website is called Frontdesktip.com Put your hotel in And see what your odds of success are going to be But the 20 dollar trick is one of those ways again to off-set Some of those high charges of Las Vegas You’re sitting down at a slot machine Enjoying one of the finest perks of Las Vegas The free drinks But did you know that MGM Resorts themselves have admitted To only putting 1.25 ounces of alcohol In each mixed drink When normally it’s supposed to be 1.5 ounces That explains why after 2 or 3 rum and cokes You might not be feeling anything Your best bet if you’re going to order anything at a casino for free Is beer Because you know exactly how much alcohol is going to be in it You’re walking down the strip It’s over 100 degrees And you see somebody selling a 1 dollar water bottle Now it seems like a good deal in practice but.. The Las Vegas Police Department actually did an undercover investigation And a lot of these guys were selling bottled water That was actually filled with local tap water I advise you not to buy bottled water from the street Instead buy it at CVS Or somewhere else Just to be on the safe side I originally wasn’t going to include this in the video But the CD Guys are alive and well in Las Vegas Somebody will approach you hand you a CD Say it’s their music And then demand a tip A lot of times there’s nothing on the CD Or even just one or two tracks Who even has a CD player anymore? Anyway, my best advice is just to avoid these guys at all costs Fake monks are an epidemic all over the USA New York has them And so does Las Vegas They’ll approach you try to slap a bracelet on your wrist And then ask you for a donation To a bogus temple They may even show you a guestbook of other people that have donated before Trust me.. It’s all lies Don’t donate to these guys They’re not real monks I dont’ recommend you spend full price on Vegas Show Tickets Unless it’s something that is absolutely Always sold out Instead you can check out one of the booths like here Tix4Tonight You can get discounts, 20, 30, even 50% if you’re lucky Or better yet Visit their website to see what deals they have going on You’ve got nothing to lose by checking This is one of the biggest rip offs in Vegas The Casino ATM Machines can charge you as much as 10 dollars Per transaction And i know they’re convenient to use But do yourself a favor And stop by one of the many bank ATM machines Along the strip To save a little bit of extra money Because you’re going to need that.. with all the spending you’re likely to do on your trip I urge you to stay away from the casino convenience stores They charge as much as 3 to 4 dollars for just a bottle of water You’re better off finding a CVS There are a lot of them all over Las Vegas You can get a 6 pack of water For 5 dollars And as a bonus you can also get your alcohol much cheaper there Bring it to your room And avoid some of those expensive mini-bar costs Which will rack up really quickly If you just start drinking right out of it Having a meal on the Vegas Strip is almost always going to cost A premium My go to affordable spot for a quick bite Is Tacos El Gordo North of the Wynn My favorite is the Adobada Made fresh right in front of you I order at least 3 every time Team Adriana approved And it’s not necessarily a rip off but do know that they don’t work for the casinos And they are going to expect some sort of a gratuity For taking a photo with them Something like 5 dollars Heck it can be a lot of fun Just make sure to give them something for their time You’re all dressed up with no place to go Walking along the strip And somebody approaches you Offering you VIP Club Passes To a bunch of the big events for that evening They’re going to assure you that you’ll cut the line And then they’re going to expect a tip from you When in reality you could just show up at the Casino yourself And pick up an early entry pass Or better yet use a website like FreeVegasClubPasses.com To put your ratio of guys to girls On the website Much simpler Much easier And you don’t have to tip anybody While we’re on the subject of people offering you free things on the strip Be careful about free show vouchers You may get offered them But you have to read the fine print closely A lot of these shows may have 2 drink minimums Or extra service fees On top of everything else If you’re going to get something for free in Vegas Usually there is some sort of a catch Always always read the fine print You’ve heard of all the awesome free shows you can watch on the strip in Las Vegas like the fountain show at the Bellagio Or the volcano at the Mirage But with these shows comes really big clusters of people And the opportunity for pickpockets To roam free Be extra careful with your belongings When you’re watching any of these shows Really stuck next to other people Ahh the Time Share guys Somebody is going to ask you.. is this your first time in Vegas? When are you leaving? They’re going to offer you free stuff Free shows, free food.. And give you this high pressure sales pitch To get a time share to come back To Las Vegas whenever you want If you’re approached by these people Just walk away Or say you’re leaving the next day Avoid all that high pressure stuff Guys make sure to tell down below in the comments If any of these have ever affected you? I’m curious Also check out my other scams playlist Also linked in the description Guys thank you so much for watching as always Until next time