Hi! Welcome.
-Hi. Kristin:
How you guys doin’?
Good. How are you?
Good. Are you excited
about open mic night? Do you guys have a
beer list by chance? We do not. Caitlin:
I’ll take an IPA.
Do you have any stouts?
Thank you.
This is not
my place. Michael:
I guess it’s open mic night.
I guess. How about the foam?
Look at this. Shawn:
No head on that beer
at all.
Right there is where half
of their beer cost is.
So that was probably 40%
of that beer, easy. I have concerns about what we
refer to as a beer-clean glass. Because you can tell by the
way that it was pouredand the lack of
standing head
that there’s some residue from
somewhere inside that glass. Caitlin:
I had a beer that was old.
The characteristics
of an IPA would be,the hops would be there,
and they weren’t there.
So, that means the beer’s
old. They’ve fallen off. Jon:
Do you see any open
mic stuff happening?
This is the epitome of
a bad bar promotion. You see the worst thing you
wanna do is start somethin’ then not get
it goin’. OK, so what is she making there?
That’s a Rude Mary, right? Bloody Mary mix. Little
hot sauce. Beer. Yeah. Little spice. Little
beer. Little Bloody Mary. That pourer was so clogged, she
had to screw it off the bottle. -Look at it! Oh!
-Oh, oh. Look at it.
Oh, man. -It’s chunks!
-Oh. Oh. Oh. It was so thick it wouldn’t
even go through the pourer. Shawn:
Oh my gosh.
If it is that chunky, then there must be something
wrong with it.And the fact that you
would see that
as you’re putting it in a drink
and still serve that drink speaks to standards. Jon:
Oh! So they keep a pitcher of
water next to the tapper
to rinse the foam.-So, they expect the foam.
-Wow. Shawn:
It’s status quo, I guess.
And there’s Jim. He doesn’t see
the beer going down the drain,he doesn’t see anything.Oh, my God. Chris:
What happened?
I just, I
don’t know. I feel like it’s empty
and really crummy. Did you not, like, release
the pressure properly?Like, it’s so
(BLEEP)ing basic.
Like, how do you not know how
to pull the nozzle properly? Kristin:
It wasn’t my fault, it just
was, like, foamy, and I…
That’s why you need
to pay attention,
because if you would’ve
done that properly, it wouldn’t have sprayed
everywhere, and it wouldn’t be an issue.
You wouldn’t be covered in beer, Jesus Christ. Kristin:
Oh my god.
If they could quit
(BLEEP)ing bickering, they would be much
better off.Chris is just completely
She walks around with
a scowl on her face.
You know, these two
are polar opposites. The bartender’s gone because
she’s singing. So that’s good. Woo, woo! How are you
guys doin’ tonight?All right, so, our welcome
to open mic night.
This is my vision but without
you guys making this happen, it would definitely
not happen.Chris is gonna be
one of my favorite songs
that he does. It’s called
“Turn it Up,” because the night is turnin’
down, let’s turn it up! Jon:
OK. So this is starting
to make sense now.
So Kristin is the only one
performing on open mic night.So why do you think
open mic night exists?
Because Kristin needs a platform
to showcase her talent. The only thing I’m thinkin’ of
is you any place and time. Woo! Come on girl, I’m
feelin’ frisky. Can’t take the whiskey
on my breath. Spin around and feel the
fire. You take me higherthan I’ve ever felt before.
Take a risk, throw it down…
I’d kill the mic
if it was me. Oh… …turn it down, let’s
turn it up! They’re not even singing
the same notes. …turn it down… Let’s turn it up. Woo. Yeah. Wow.Chris, could we
get some beers?
Thank you. He only drinks bottled
beer in his bar. Can you blame him? Is this yours? Caitlin:
No. It was
just here.
Sorry. You wanna move
your phone for a second? I don’t wanna get
anything on it. Oh. I can smell
the pine sol. I’m enjoying it. The guys that come in here
call it “the chemical”because we don’t
even know,
I don’t even know what
that cleaner is. Really? Kristin:
It’s like, one of those
bulk cleaners,
so we put it in a spray bottle
that’s just like this.Like, we just refill it.So, my friend, he’s like,
“the chemical!”Like, that I don’t
really clean with.
But I think it is pine
sol. Pretty much. Yeah… Wash your hands. Please wash
your hands. Please wash… Jon:
Oh, she’s not gonna
wash her hands.
Please wash your hands.
You just handled chemicals.
Cleaning products. Jon:
The popcorn is being
scooped out,
and her hand is all
over it.
The pitcher she’s pouring
is all foam right now. Shawn:
It’s beer. We’re not
reinventing the wheel here, Jo.
But that beer can cost eight
to 20 cents an ounce. And that’s really expensive
when it goes down the drain. Absolutely. Jon:
And we just saw hundreds of
ounces go down that drain.
I think they poured more
than they served. Night after night after night.
Has Jim done the math and said, “you know, if I dump three
beers every time I sell one, I can’t make money.” His back is to the bar. He’s
oblivious to what’s going on. His bar is hemorrhaging money.
And he’s got a Kool-Aid smile. Jon:
You know, this guy does not
know the economics of beer.
I’m gonna teach him! He needs to learn,
doesn’t he, Shawn? Good luck
with that. Jon:
Jim, you the owner?
Yes, I am.
I wanna show you somethin’. Come
back with me for a minute.Give me a pitcher of beer.
And a bunch of glasses.
Oh…of course.
One down. Keep goin’.
Let’s go.
OK, Jim? Did you buy this
bar to make money? I did. Fill that pitcher
with beer. I want you to hold
it on an angle, ’cause I’m gonna catch all
the foam coming out. Go ahead. Just keep the foam
comin’ into the glass, OK?Keep goin’. It’s killing me. Keep goin’, now, Jim,
let’s keep goin’. We’re really makin’ money
now, aren’t we guys?Let’s keep goin’, there’s
another one, let’s go.
Here we go. Keep pourin’. Come
on, Jim, keep pourin’ it.
OK. There’s about three and
a half glasses of beer in that pitcher. How many glasses are here? One,
two, three, four and a half. What beer do you drink
in your bar? -Uh, bottled.
-Why? Cause it tastes better. Does anybody here wanna
drink this, really? Is this not the worst beer
you’ve ever seen in your life?‘Cause your beer
sucks, right?
For the most part. -And you know that.
-Yeah. But you’ll let him drink
it, but you won’t. Well, yes. How do you feel when you dump beer down
the drain all night long? Do you ever feel like
an idiot? Chris:
Yeah. And then it
overflows, the foam. Jon:
So, you’ve prepared for it,
haven’t you, with this?
-What is this?
-Hot water. And what is that for? To keep the hops from
building up in the line. Because you didn’t do
your (BLEEP)ing job, they now have to take a warm
pitcher and rinse this off all (BLEEP)ing night long.
And there’s an end result, every beer you sell
costs you three.So. Can you make
money like this?
No. If you know that, why are you watching your
money go down the drain? So are you (BLEEP)ing
stupid or (BLEEP)ing lazy?