So far I know that people always looking for the best one & the cheapest one So according to The Telegraph i found that the world most cheapest hotel is in Dhaka Bangladesh. So if you ever been to Dhaka, Bangladesh please visit Shadarghat and there you’ll find the world most cheapest hotel, the Faridpur Hotel on some small floating boats. The highest expensive room is cost only One dollar and fifty Cents. The capital Dhaka has a shortest space. There are about 1,14,000 people are living in this city for per square mile. Faridpur Hotel is about sixty years of old and its situated on five different boats on the river Buriganga. But there is no TV sets, living or dinning room or a spring mattress because no money no funny honey but you will get the clean boiled water, clean toilet and most importantly the lockers where you may keep your pasports, Visas, dollars and everything valuable you had. People from different towns and districts are coming in this city so they are very fond of this type of cheap hotel. About fifty guests can stay in this hotel at a time. The lowest price about half a dollar only but on a shared bed. and some travelers are living in this amazing hotel months long. So this is the end of today please like, share and comments and subscribe to get next video on your home screen. Peace.