My name is Sandra, I’m a screening officer
at the Winnipeg International Airport. I’ve been a screening officer for 19 years. We’re the last line of defense before every
passenger boards an aircraft. We ensure that every passenger is thoroughly
and efficiently screened and they feel a sense of safety and security. After three months of being on the job, a
tragic event, 9/11, occurred where air travel as we know it changed drastically. It was very stressful. I recall initially working 16 hour days with
one day off, six days a week. So it was very physically and emotionally
draining for all of us that were witnessing this tragedy. When I’m not working I love spending time
with my husband and my my two dogs. They are both rescue dogs, they are the same
breed, they are German short-haired German pointers,
The first dog I got her when I was discharged from the hospital. She was a therapy companion for me. Almost four years ago I was diagnosed with stage four, to be specific, lymphoma cancer. It was a shock to my system, to my emotions.
Those are the three words that one never expects to hear is: “you have cancer”. But four years later I am cancer-free, I have
a clean bill of health, and I owe it all to my resilience and challenges that I faced
for nine-months. And, I feel like I’ve made a very strong recovery. I would say don’t give up. Be resilient. Don’t take anything for granted. Life is too short, life is too precious.