Hi guys this is Dan Dangoor with TigerChef and today we’re gonna be going over the Winco Steak Knife. So I wanna point out something about the
blade first. You see it’s a straight edged blade and it’s not serrated. Most
steak knives are serrated. Now the next thing I’m gonna do is demonstrate by cutting off this fish’s head. We’re gonna be going through bone, flesh, skin, everything. In a stake we’re gonna go
through that but I just wanna demonstrate the power of this knife. Very easily, it came off. Serrated steak knives you have to send
out to get sharpened. These you could you write a home on your
own stone which is gonna save you hundreds of dollars when you need to sharpen your steak knives. Not only that, these knives are very cheap to start off with and they look really nice with this nice wooden
handle. So if you wanna pick up this knife, visit us tigerchef.com or click the links below. And if you wanna see more videos at TigerChef, subscribe to out links down below. Thanks