(Byungjae, I feel for you.) Bentley. Gosh, dear. (Look at me.) Where did I go? Where am I? He’s good at keeping his eyes on something. He is. Shall we try something? My nephew is as old as Bentley. My sister does this for her baby. Shall we try it? (What is going on?) – Can I keep him seated? / – Yes, it’s fine. (This is a piece of cake.) Bentley, look at this. Bentley, what is this? Look at Uncle Byungjae. Look at this. Watch, okay? It’s right in here. It’s in here. (Sliding) (His eyes are on the cup with the toy.) Where is it now? Where did it go? Where is it? Where is it, William? (Is it here?) You found it! Shall we do it again? Bentley, you should try. Now… I shuffled it. Where could it be? Where is it? (Where is the toy?) (Will Bentley be able to find it?) (Isn’t it here?) You did it. (It’s correct!) We’ll do it one last time. It’s right here. It’s shuffled once. Twice. Now I’ll go like this and that. I’ll mix it like this and go back and forth. Now I’ll go like this and move it this way. Where could it be? William, do you know where it is? (Don’t worry, you have me.) You found it! (Gaze of respect) We finished the game. – Do you want to play? / – Yes. Byungjae, you took photos with Bentley earlier. – Can you send them to me? / – Okay. – William, today… / – Where is it? I’m going to check the photos you took with him. (How strange.) – I’m going to see them. / – My phone… (Where did my phone go?) William. What is it? It disappeared. – It disappeared? / – Yes. (It was right here just a minute ago.) (How did it disappear without a trace?) Hold on. I’ll call it. (Calling) (It’s on silent.) (But where is this?) I have it on silent. – What? / – It’s on silent. It’s on silent? Yes, I changed it just in case for the kids. Where did I put it? Hold on. I’ll find it soon. (It must be at home since I never went out!) (I can’t find it no matter where I look.) (Checking on Byungjae) William, have you seen his phone? Yes. – You did? / – Yes. – Where? / – Did you see my phone? Where is it? Where did you see it? Where? (Over there!) Where? (Struggling) Is it in here? (In the fridge? What happened?) Why is it in there? Guess what this is. I’ve never seen such a nice baby. William used this a lot when he was young. – Really? / – Yes. (Peeking) (This looks like a good place for it.) (Struggling) (It’s open!) (He succeeded in hiding Byungjae’s phone.) William, did you put it in here? – Yes. / – Why? Why? (Because…) Did you want to pull a prank? (Did you want to pull a prank on me?) Was it a prank? How adorable. You’re so cute. Food. Where is food? – Food? / – We’re on our way to eat. Are you sure this place is good? This place is really good. I go there a lot. It’s also cheap. – Really? / – Yes. You can’t go there even if you want to. – Really? / – It’s hard to get to. (It must be a really famous place.) (They drive on to the hidden restaurant.) (They’re entering an alley.) We’re here. It’s here? Are you serious? (What kind of restaurant surprised Sam?) They went there? (It looks very big for a restaurant.) This place is known to be very delicious. It’s true that this place is very delicious. – Hello. / – Hello. – William, say hi. / – Hello. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. You can just copy after me. – What is this? / – Say it. Is it really good? – I’ve been there twice. / – Really? Is it better than what we eat at home? Our food? – You cook it. / – Yes. It’s better. Really? I really want to try it. We don’t have anything for the baby, though. (There is nothing for me to eat?) I better give him some seaweed. (Please give me seaweed.) William, do you want to carry this? (It’s seaweed!) (I don’t have to worry about what to eat.) – Thank you for the food. / – Sure. – Thank you for the food. / – Follow us. (He makes sure to bring his seaweed.) (William follows them in short steps.) (Gulping) – Enjoy. / – Thanks. Enjoy your food. (Eyes widening) Yummy. I’ll give you some rice with seaweed. – No, that’s spicy. / – It’s spicy. It’s good, isn’t it? This place is really delicious. (Eating) (I want some too!) William. No, there is nothing here for you to eat. (His brows say that he’s unhappy.) (It’s delicious!) It feels like a luxurious restaurant. – It’s pretty nice, right? / – Yes. It has a nice atmosphere too. I’m so jealous. (While Sam is eating,) (William has started) (to eat seaweed like crazy.) (One after another) (Gosh, it tastes so good.) (It’s a new taste every time.) (I love it.) (The seaweed is gone in a blink.) More. Where? (Give me more seaweed.) He ate all the seaweed. (Are you done already?) – Do you want more? / – Yes. Do you want to go get it? They have more outside. (Looking around) Dear, what do you want? (Please give me more seaweed.) – William. / – Is that you, William? (Who is this?) William, here you go. – Hello. / – Here, eat this. What do you need? – Seaweed. / – Seaweed? – Yes. / – Seaweed? Okay. Please give William some seaweed. – You’re so cute. / – Do you want seaweed? – Here. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Enjoy. – Are you going to eat it? / – Yes. (I’m going to go eat some seaweed.) – Who are you here with? / – Dad. Dad? Where is he? Gosh. Hello. – Hello. Come on in. / – Hello. Are you dropping by? I came to eat after work. Bentley. – He’s so small. / – Bentley. – May I try holding him? / – Of course. Hello, Bentley. Gosh. (He’s so cute!) – I’m a fan of your boys. / – Really? William, what do you think about her? (I like her.) My heart just skipped a beat. (Kisses and more kisses) How adorable. (He suddenly moves away.) He looked back at him. – How cute. / – Give her a kiss too. – Give her a kiss. / – Give her a kiss. (He gives her a kiss right away.) – Gosh, William. / – Give me a kiss too. (Byungjae fails to get a kiss.) But he played with William all day. Byungjae is disturbed right now. (Having a good time) You only played with my cats at home, and now you left me for Sandara. I’m so disappointed. (He’s really disappointed.) What should we do, William? (Uncle Byungjae.) (Hold on a minute.) (I’ll leave Sandara) (and go back to Uncle Byungjae.) (Hey, when did you come back?) (He is so good at feeding William.) William, what’s his name? – Yoo… / – Byung. Byung. – Jae. / – Jae. Great job. Gosh, how adorable. – Yoo Byungjae. / – You got it right. You should visit here often. – You can come and eat. / – This isn’t my agency. – That’s okay. / – You can come with me. I’d love that. (I like you, so let’s meet up again.)