I’m Barry Chandler co-founder of Storyforge Welcome to today’s video there is a hot chicken restaurant located about a half a mile from where I’m shooting this video right now it’s called Hot Chicken Takeover it’s in Columbus Ohio and it is a Nashville style hot chicken and Hot Chicken Takeover is a remarkable business success and they didn’t exist four years ago and now they’re about to open at two brand new locations to take them to three locations around the city. They’ve been voted the number one restaurant in Columbus, they’ve been featured on the Rachael Ray Show, they’ve got venture capital investment and they have received global press for their business but guess what? It’s not about the chicken so their logo is a chicken with a little asterisk to the side and the asterisk means it’s about the people not about the chicken, you see hot chicken takeover’s model is based on providing jobs to those who have barriers to employment, be they previously incarcerated, be they just a long time out of work but they’ve barriers to entry socially hot chicken takeover creates an environment where they have somewhere to come to work and it’s because of this model that they have got so much attention, because of this approach and this business model and this belief that they’ve been featured on the Rachael Ray Show and they’ve managed to get so much press. There are other chicken restaurants that have opened within a couple hundred feet of hot chicken take over that have gone out of business. Hot Chicken Takeover takes a stand and they have a belief. What Hot Chicken Takeover believes is more important than what they sell. If in your business you put the majority of your emphasis, your focus, your marketing dollars, the story you tell about your business is more about your products or more about your services rather than your beliefs then you may be missing an opportunity to create a community of raving fans who will rally around not a piece of chicken but around the belief around something they stand for so there are many people who go to Hot Chicken Takeover to try the chicken and when they hear the story they are even more loyal, they come back again and again, they tell their friends it’s about more than the chicken so today in business what we believe and what we stand for has to be more important than what we sell what we sell has to be world-class it has to be amazing it has to do the job but now that’s looked at as cost of entry so having a world-class product or world-class services only getting us to the table what we believe what we stand for is how we build communities of raving fans it’s how we build an employee base who who is loyal and stays with us for the long term because they to believe in this thing so what do you believe not what do you sell but what do you believe it’s far more important I’m Barry Chandler head over to our blog at blog.storyforge.co. We believe in growing conscious businesses businesses that take care of all their stakeholders their customers, their employees, their communities as well as their shareholders lots more tips on the blog I look forward to seeing you there