I Don’t even know how to say it. I I don’t even know I’m just gonna show it to again. We’ll just go from there. Okay? Papa John’s Says that the jack-o’-lantern pizza is coming back Right there see there it is there’s a depiction of it and This is probably the scariest thing that I’ve seen so far ever no exaggeration because I was going through the newspaper clippings and I saw this and I froze In the literal sense mind you I was that shocked I was that surprised Because you know around this time of year. This is when all these creatures come out you have ghosts and skeletons and goblins and costumes that should never even exist and you also have jack-o’-lanterns and Jack-o’-lanterns are sentient beings I mean, there’s no denying that and they are by far the most dangerous and the most terrifying at that Because they’re deceptive you see the smiling face right here. Don’t let that fool you Okay That’s the problem But you know what they say, right Sometimes the best way to conquer your fear is to face it head-on That’s what I’m gonna do So I’m gonna go out to Papa John’s right now. I’m gonna get this jack-o’-lantern pizza We’re gonna deal with it. We’re gonna overcome this. We’re gonna face it together We’re gonna try this out Stay tuned and please Wish me luck Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello Ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching we are once again back here now with the pizza and here to try it out so officially It’s here got the table set Oh got everything. We’re gonna see how spooky it is We’re gonna see how crazy it is and we’re just gonna see how good it is now having been so hyped up I know you saw a picture of it earlier. You kind of know what it is, though Not entirely you might be saying well, you know, what? Is it exactly it? Is it even a pizza? Is it really like some Deluxe type of burger? Does it does it have pumpkin in it? Is it spicy what’s going on? here’s what it is and we’re gonna look we’re gonna verify and then we’re gonna see what it tastes like the pizza itself The the best analogy to make in regards to to really the best description of it I don’t know if you saw the review or not, but I guess it was yeah, it was over a year ago Pizza Hut released a heart-shaped pizza For Valentine’s Day and I mean that was a big deal and all it was was a pepperoni pizza that was shaped like a heart It’s all that comes down to so dramatic intros aside. I don’t mean to be a let down or any of that but it’s pretty much a pepperoni pizza That’s shaped like a pumpkin or a jack-o’-lantern. That’s what they say. It’s not the pumpkin pizza That’s for another day. But it’s the jack-o’-lantern pizza. So that’s exactly what it is and On it. It’s pretty basic Here’s what it comes with Pepperoni and it’s arranged and there will smiley face and two olives for the eyes. So for all of you olive Lovers you are in luck. It is a thin crust pizza So it only comes in one size or all you can get is the pizza in this box The stain it doesn’t normally Come along with it. Unfortunately. I spilled some sauce. That’s why I had to change the shirt also but nothing special in the box, but once you open the box There it is There it is right there. You can see in all its glory the jack-o’-lantern Pizza There it is And you can see it’s a thin crust pizza. It is not cut. Okay, so it is Well, that’s me trying to hold it, right? It isn’t cut it’s just one big jack-o’-lantern so I mean you can go you can I Don’t know staple it to your front door and hang it there as a decoration if you want You can go ahead and eat it all in one sitting or you can cut it up into tiny little pieces any way you want we have the First layer of the pepperonis right there and we have the smiley face now we got the eyes and there’s the olives the famous olives and we got the little Supposed to be like a sprout coming up and it also of course comes with your pepper Everyone’s favorite some garlic sauce as well. So that’s what it looks like Again, see up close and personal and it’s a thin crust pizza Also came with this going very very formal says special seasoning by Papa John’s and Doesn’t really say what it is. It’s special seasoning so Then go I suppose the special seasoning for special pizza To me. It looks like it’s probably a garlic powder But we’ll see use that and then it also comes this this got me by surprise I was thinking to myself since you have to be the one that cuts it I guess they they actually They gave me a cutter I was shocked by this papa john’s Pizza cutter right there. I think that’s pretty crazy, honestly So I’m gonna cut it with the pizza cutter is this Caution sharp-edged Pizza slicer only this product is not designed or intended to cut for slice other food items or objects So I know you wanted to use this as a sandwich cutter, but that can’t be done. I’m sorry, and I know Maybe you were thinking of using that as a little tool for some Work but now just Your pizza cutting I guess that’s the sharp edge that they’re talking about looks pretty dull but Whatever works, you know They wouldn’t hand out something with a blade in it go home. Hey, there we go. You’ll be able to cut it with this So with that we got the pizza right there. Let’s let’s begin the pizza cutting process Let’s cut the first slice you can cut it any way you want It’s actually pretty effective honest Well for the most part anyway good enough So There’s the first slice right there. I’m just gonna try it out. I’ll let you know what it tastes like, really thin crust Hang in there And then what we’ll do, of course, I’m gonna have to try to part with the olive. So we’re gonna do that But first I’m just going to try a little bit of this out I’m let you know what it tastes like it is the jack-o’-lantern pizza from Papa John’s going in Not the biggest fan of it than I thought I would be Granted my complaint Has absolutely nothing to do with any of the toppings at all Now that olive might do me in though. All right, so we got to be careful with that But otherwise the other toppings so far by fine It’s very standard when it comes down to how the toppings themselves are Right. I do like the richness that the sauce has to it pepperoni is fine as is tiny little bit of spiciness to it nothing crazy and Certainly, of course, you’re gonna have a many a bite that doesn’t have any pepperoni on it because of the spacing of it all But the cheese, you know is fine. The sauce is fine. Nothing Nothing too crazy there. So you might be saying yeah, but but review brah then what’s the problem? the issue that I have It’s the thin crust Now I myself. I don’t mind thin crust pizzas at all. They don’t bother me I don’t have any sort of I don’t detest the thin crust pizzas or anything like that Problem is that I don’t mind if it’s light I don’t mind if it’s light and if it’s you know, just there’s not much to it, but when it gets to this type of It gets to like you’re eating the cheese and sauce on a little cracker I’m not a fan of that, you know more often than that either prefer Usually like the hand-tossed has a little bit of a dough to it Also balanced with that that bake to it mate I’m fine with that. That’s what I like. So Personally, I think it’s just too thin. That’s my problem. It’s like just very dry not a lot of substance to it and it’s like you’re eating it off of a cracker and I’m not a fan of that to Be quite honest toppings are fine but just I Mean I’ve seen places that will do something like this when a hand-tossed pizza. I think that’s even how the heart-shaped pizza was Granted from pizza different chain, but very very similar concept. So I think if they just went kind of more with their Original just what would kind of know them for might be a bit more satisfying than that no real quick Because I said I would I’m gonna try out I Got I got I got to try out one of those two olives, may as well! Now and the pizza cutter itself is I Mean a little dull but it gets the job done. All right. There we go. There’s the olive right there Let’s put it toward the corner here and chomp away It was about as remarkable as I thought it would be But the pizza itself is an is a niche thing It’s not something I would say go ahead and get every single night or anything like that But hey, it’s something if you want to really get it go for it I’d say it’s like get it once for fun get it around Halloween time or whatever you would like But from there, I would just say go with a regular pizza it’s a little bit of a hassle to slice it up and it’s just a little too thin and you Know just it’s not something I would get again, you know once it’s enough for me Yeah that little um Seasoning that they gave is like it’s like garlic salt So we’ll just add a lot of salt to saltiness to to what you’re eating. It’s okay though for what it is Alright price for this pizza eleven dollars. I mean out of ten, what would I give this? I Mean, you know what the toppings are Okay, but the biggest problem again is the fact that it’s just too thin and it just doesn’t work out I’m not ban of that. They’re four out of ten I’ll give it a four out of ten its gimmicky get it if you want But I could be a little more satisfied with it and no pumpkin flavor. Just looks like a pumpkin Whoops can sometimes be deceiving but it tastes like a pizza So with that, that’s all that I have for you ladies and gentlemen I’m your host the report of the week and I’ll be seeing you again in a couple days with another video. Take care