The moment Palpatine first came across Anakin,
sensing his exceptionally powerful connection to the force, was the moment he decided that
the young boy was going to be his final Sith apprentice and his right hand man once he
became emperor of the galaxy. In order to ensure that Anakin was going to
join him once the time came, Palpatine had to develop a unique relationship with him,
one that allowed him to manipulate the forthcoming Jedi and slowly drive him away from the Order’s
ways. One way he did this was to take Anakin away
from the confined bubble of the Jedi Temple and show him what his Jedi Masters did not
want him to see, the grim reality of the galaxy. A grim reality that he wanted to convince
the boy the Jedi allowed to exist. When Anakin was only in his early teens, Chancellor
Palpatine requested the Jedi to allow him to take Anakin with him on a personal errand
of his. Although reluctant to do so, the Jedi obeyed
the request and sent the boy to him. Both disguised in robes, Palpatine and Anakin
made their way to Coruscant’s sub-surface level 26 85. When they arrived Anakin asked why they were
there. Palpatine told him that as Chancellor he believed
it was his duty to frequently visit these impoverished areas of Coruscant as a means
to witness the poor as they lived in darkness. He explained the awful living conditions these
people lived through and how most of them were likely to live their entire lives without
ever making it to the surface of the planet and seeing the sky. That it was so bad here that many in these
lower levels believed the sun to be a myth. He continued by stating that those before
him in the chancellorship simply ignored these dreaded conditions and that he refused to
follow their path. So he frequently came to these lower levels
to see what he was elected to fix and to help those in need whenever he could. They then finally made their way to the club
known as Kasakar where they seated themselves at a booth. Once they settled down it was time for Palpatine
to start what he really came here to do: plant the first seeds of doubt and deception into
Anakin. He first began by thanking Anakin for taking
the time out of his busy schedule to accompany him on this errand, and that he was quite
envious on the young padawan on how the Jedi had already planned out his entire life out
for him. That he was lucky to not have to make any
troubling choices in his life. Anakin agreed, saying it was the best thing
that ever happened to him, though perhaps never seeing it that way. Never seeing that he didn’t have any choices
of his own while training to become a Jedi. Palpatine then changed the subject by mentioning
how wretched of a place this was, how every day lives were bought and sold at this very
club. He then realized how he shouldn’t have mentioned
that, knowing Anakin’s past as a slave. But he was fine with it, only not understanding
why such revolting behavior was allowed by the senate. Palpatine then explained that the senate approved
of such behavior, as the very club they were in was filled with senators. He then revealed one of them, a senator named
Colandrus who was notoriously corrupt, treating the senate gig as a personal bank account
for himself and his cronies. He then mentioned how the senator frequently
came here to gamble and how he so wished that the chance cubes he was currently betting
on would turn against him and make him lose a vast amount of his money. And then that very thing happened, as the
senator rolled his dice only to find out that they ended up making him lose all his money
on the bet he placed. Realizing what Anakin had done, Palpatine
burst out laughing out loud, attracting the attention of the angered senator as a result. The outraged senator then came to their booth
with a few of his bodyguards, demanding they explain what they found so funny. In attempt to avoid a fight, Palpatine told
him that his son had made a joke that he found very funny and that they were just on their
way out of the club. The senator calmed down, telling them to make
sure that they do just that. Once outside Palpatine asked Anakin about
his Jedi abilities and whether or not he could use them to move a chance cube. They then looked at each other, both knowing
what Anakin had done back there, and then moved on with their walk with Palpatine being
outwardly happy with what the young padawan had done back there. When they came back to the chancellor’s
office, Anakin proclaimed how amazing their little adventure was. They then started to discuss about that corrupt
senator they came across and whether or not anything can be done to bring him to justice
for his crimes. Palpatine explained that in his current position
of power there was very little he could do to bring such a person to justice, and that
even the Jedi didn’t have that power when Anakin asked about them. For that was just how things worked in the
present state of the Galactic Republic and there was nothing they could do about it. After asking Anakin to not mention their little
adventure to his masters, Palpatine asked him one more question: was he happy at Jedi
Temple? Anakin told him that it was everything he
ever wanted, but Palpatine knew he was lying. He then told the young padawan that there
was always a place for him at his side and that he would make an extraordinary ally to
him once he had completed his training. And thus the first seeds of doubt and deception
had been planted into Anakin, which would only sprout and grow over the years as Palpatine
continued their relationship and cement the boy to his side against the Jedi.