its 10 am I am at Aapravasi Ghat This place has a great significance for any Indian Hundreds of Indians were brought in Mauritius in 1834 They were promised for contractual job for 5 years Mauritius used to produce 7% of world’s total sugarcane in those days That is why Indians were brought here as labourers to work in sugarcane plantations These labourers were brought from India, China, Cameron and other countries Around 5 Million indentured labourers were brought here from all over the world by the British Of those almost 97% people were Indians Most of them were from the modern Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Tamil Nadu People were brought from these places This is how ‘India’ reached Mauritius Almost 68% of today’s Mauritians are descendants of those Indians These are the first 16 steps of Aapravasi Ghat from where the passengers/labourers used to enter Mauritius after landing from the ships A few years back some of the land area from Aapravasi Ghat was taken for making the bus terminal until then this ghat used to be quite a big place, This highway used to be a railway line in the British raj This is a small shack People in India were said that they will have to work for 5 years and then they can return back to India It used be a contract for 5 years Indians opted to come to Mauritius because they were promised that they will not be treated as slaves That era was famous for slavery all over the world Indians kept coming to this country for many years a family of almost 10 people used to live in such small shacks So in reality, the living conditions for them were not so good as they thought before coming to Mauritius but it was still better than India, that’s why most of them opted to stay here for another 5 years although they had to face problems like unpaid salaries, etc. so their condition was almost like slaves they were promised 5 Rs/month wage and better health facilities but in comparison the the drought, starvation and unemployment in India, Mauritius was still better for them So they stayed here and never went back to India Their contract got renewed for further 5 years After 10 years, they became the citizen of this country Now I am going back. Some school kids are waiting outside Aapravasi ghat tour demands at least 45-60 minutes This is the main market of Port Louis, capital of Mauritius We have just come here from Aapravasi Ghat Let me check the price of the local sim Emtel Sim – 100 Rs / 86 Rs talktime / etc. Pay 51 Rs for 1 GB internet data per day !! lets check the price of Banana, coconut, etc.. Lemon for 5 Rs… let me take you to meet someone talk to him, please are you from Mumbai? First Bangladeshi in Mauritius How are you? Where are you from? Sylhet I am from Asansol Have you heard about this place? Do you know Kazi Nazrul Islam? What is this? How much for this? Everything Vegetarian You’ll get all these things with Roti in 12 Rs This is Dal Poori Even this is for 12 Rs Thanks buddy What is the name of this market? Central Market 10 rs for Coriander 10Rs for Mint leaves Chilli for 140 Rs 50Rs/kg Tomotoes 80 Rs for Okra & Sonu Nigam is also singing here This market resembles Indian Market but without cow and dogs also not very chaotic, unlike India quite clean and organised 1 coconut water for 40-50 Mauritian Rupee For 50 you get more water Whats is your name? Satish My forefathers came from Bihar, India I want to visit India, but don’t get free time from this work I have 4 children 3 girls. 1 Boy. They go to School 1 daughter is married I am from Delhi and now visiting this country Our driver is very strict. He always wants us to be on time. but where is he now? where is our coach!! Has everyone left me? I am not able to contact them dont have anybody’s number I want a wifi to contact them we have wifi in our car, so I didn’t buy a sim but the gentleman behind me is guiding me to that bank he says, there I can get free wifi got connected! wow! After the traditional vegetable market, now we are in a modern business district My friends are there Over there is an Indian restaurant called Namaste You may also like to visit this place One gentleman wanted not to shoot in his shop he makes exclusive handmade designs so now I am not going to shoot in this market you can also visit this craft market its 2:20 pm We just had lunch She owns this restaurant I ate this… a vegetarian meal What is the price of the things we just had here? 600 – 750 Rupee per meal You can get the authentic local meal and ambience at this place They do not have wifi here So just talk with each other and relish the creole food I also want to say something You should try Octopus curry Actually, he had a non-vegetarian meal I had a Vegetarian meal I tried my best to offer him the non-veg things, but… But I didn’t eat he just tasted the curry no no.. he is just kidding You can get a good view of Port Louis from Fort Adelaide The rainbow is looking so beautiful I think this is the best season to visit Mauritius This is July They say July to September is a good time its 4 pm We have reached our new hotel, Sofitel Earlier we stayed in Zilwa Attitude for 2 nights Now we are at Sofitel this is my room wow! wow! wow!