its 7:30 am Today is Friday This is Hotel Sofitel Mauritius is located in the Southern Hemisphere This is the first time I am travelling so far towards the south of Equator Here the climatic condition is completely different from the Northern Hemisphere When it is winter in India, its Summer in Mauritius and vice versa In July, we are enjoying the Winter season in Mauritius I am just loving the weather at this time I am having Dal Poori, Hash Browns, Banana Fritters, Beans, Chutney Also… According to Jeffry, this garden is used for wedding ceremonies Mauritius is a popular place for destination weddings We are going to check-in in another hotel – Telfair. An Indian wedding was going on there A lot of people from India came to attend the wedding This is the place for kids How are you? I am good This is one of the few tea plantations in Mauritius I can taste from the different types of flavours This is a private tea estate This is tea chutney made up of tea leaves there are a lot of things made up of tea leaves Pay 525 Rs and visit Tea Garden, Tea factory and this restaurant for tea tasting Its 2:30 pm If you Google for Must-do activities in Mauritius, you will see this place please spread your wings we are going to see 25000 species of insects now but they are dead! 25000 species of insects were killed just for keeping them in a showcase there is no research objective behind this Usually we see live animals in zoo and botanical gardens They are properly fed however some people are against of keeping them in captivity their original homes are forests or jungles, then why we keep them in a cage just because we humans want to see them here! people are against keeping them in captivity, whereas here they have literally killed them! I can not digest this. I am sorry A crocodile can stay inside the water continuously for an hour or more Here a crocodile is fed 120 Kgs of meat and chicken every year The wild ones eat double than these ones. These captive ones do not have to struggle to get their food Oh my god! We humans can eat anything! Do you remember Jeffry from Langkawi? I really enjoyed the wildlife park there in Malaysia but here the beginning of this trip has disappointed me it was painful to see the dead insects and butterflies After that I am feeling that we humans are not doing justice with these animals by keeping them in cages This crocodile is just 6 months old A tortoise can live upto 150 years I am not able to speak now feeling low We, humans, want to fly and do all those adventures which makes us more free we do ziplining, quad biking and many other things we want to fly like this but here we have tied the mouth of a small crocodile just because we want to take a photograph with it what if someone do the same with our children! How it will feel ! I dont want to comment None of us saw Dinosaurs, still we have made blockbusters portraying them When we can show them like this, then why can’t we show these insects and animals in photographs! Why do we have to kill them or keep them as captive! Doing so for researches is still a valid excuse for example, our intervention helped Tigers who were on the verge of extinction One day I saw a few people were climbing a tree outside of my home I saw they were trying to steal the small birds from the nests I said them not to do so but they said, we have to sell them Instead of open sky now they will be caged… forever but if we stop buying such birds then why would someone steal them! so please stop buying them You can buy these branches for 25 Rs to feed them I got scared. I thought there is a Tortoise behind me its 4:30 pm We have reached hotel Telfair This is going to be our last hotel of this trip After 2 nights we will be in Air Mauritius, flying back to our homes its 9 am We are going to spend the next 45 minutes in this nature reserve This is our vehicle You have to pay 4500 Rs to book this its 9:30 and we have reached this location its raining there now it has reached here also You can also do trekking by paying 950 Rs This is going to be a 2 hours long trek You can feel the same thrill here which you must have seen in Ziplining and Quadbiking its 10:30 am After doing the Nature Reserve trip, now we have reached the Golf Course Today is the first time I will try my hands on Golf Got hit by Golf stick Never stand in front of someone who is playing Golf I Golf Stick hit me here Good thing is nothing happened to my spectacles also the injury is not big spectacles have bend from here but I want to complete the game 2 more shots are left Never stand behind a horse or camel they can hit you badly I was standing on a wrong position I should haven’t stood in front of him You can also do Canoeing for free if you are staying in this hotel This is also my first time After this we will go into the sea to canoe and now we are going to hit