Skytree Scotties right here you can see all of Tokyo from the top of this Terrace it’s freaking amazing ah I feel like I’m on the Titanic wait I mean like before it crashes and stuff like that chick [Music] and we are here so I’m in Asakusa today asakusa is a center of Tokyo summit area means downtown but it’s not like the downtown you know I love coming here because I feel like I’ve traveled are compelling so we made it to Sensoji which in Japanese it means shrine it’s pretty cool it’s red it’s made out of wood and it was made a long time ago very historical place if you guys ever want to check it out then here you go we’re going to do omikuji at Sensoji I want to do only cookie at Sensoji I want to do some time I don’t know why Michael puts up with me I don’t really believe in fortune cards I believe you make your own load oh wow let’s do on the kijun find your number gain your fortune cool it’s translated in English oh you’re always worried about how long does it take to solve your misdeeds getting a beautiful lady at your home anyways this in Japan is the 100 yen fortune an onion tie it down to bond it with the guard and papers are meant to be folded and there you go so this is kind of like the main shrine area this feels like Japan but it’s more like a touristy spot so can’t actually spend more than like 30 minutes here to an hour my tip is check this place out it’s really cool to check out but then you want to go to the side streets where there’s actually more local people there’s local restaurants one more thing I get really claustrophobic so I’m not really good with like tourist trap places I guess so I actually want to get out of here yeah I think we’re done we’re moving on the next place it’s like they’re getting married so today we’re staying at the gate hotel which is right in front of Sensoji two minutes from the subway station so so convenient we’re checking instant okay the view is amazing here let’s go check out the room [Music] [Music] [Music] dude check that out sky tree perfect view you know what let’s go inside because basically the lighting here is really terrible it’s either my face is going to be completely dark and you can see sky tree or you can see sky tree in just like this white house and you can see my face sorry I got a good face so let’s go inside and I’ll give you a better view of the bar so apparently the sign over there is from wineries that come here and back they sell a wine I think there’s like the special wine machine right here that has like 14 different bottles at like different temperatures and my pores it like at the perfect aeration this place is a really good one place house one good what is this a steel chair just like right one even if you’re not staying at this hotel and be like cool just to come here for the bar and the drinks because a truly Chilika and the view is awesome anyway something to consider let’s go and check out the 14th floor HSMs you can see the nosy from here it’s awesome and then look Sky Tree Scotty’s right here you can see all of Tokyo from the top of this carry it’s freaking amazing ahh I feel like I’m on the Titanic wait I mean like before it crashes and stuff like that chick paint me paint me that’s how I feel I know right before we got to the hotel we went to the Cultural Arts Center cultural whatever cultural tourist center or that it was a good spot to see the sky tree which is nice but it’s actually better to see the scratchy from here because that place was on the seventh floor this is on the 40 all right we’re here for monjayaki which is similar to okonomiyaki but a lot lighter Japanese people eat it for a snack this is what a lot of my Japanese fans go this is a secret there’s not a local people here which is really awesome and is a good deal for the food really really authentic Japanese to it okay let me show you how to make mundo yaki first dump everything but the soup onto the hot pan and cook it when it’s off chop it up and make a donut pour the soup let it warm up a little bit now mix it all up and spread it easy right there are many different ingredients you can choose from and the second one we added natto mmm good now use a small Japanese spatula to eat it either docume it’s really good what it like looks like clogged up vomit not funny it’s super good you this is what I feel like I’m really really in Japan this is a second bar at the place yes only six as well it’s nice just as nudie yeah it’s one of their like really really like dark membership kind of bottom gym membership lonely even like the beer it comes in like this Holy Grail kind of glass Game of Thrones Game of Thrones guys yeah yeah Cheers [Music] good morning guys just waking up 6:30 in the morning it’s a beautiful sunny day outside Michael still sleeping but let’s go make some coffee [Music] looks like there’s an ice machine but I have no cup gotta go back to the room [Music] [Music] I got my morning coffee nothing starts the day off like iced coffee so I think today maybe I’ll take a shower get some breakfast and I can start our day let’s do this alright let’s go to breakfast [Music] fresh morning our industries where else can you get fresh beers oranges like this grazie oh so good the eggs benedict mmm really good pick up there’s butter so fancy let’s try this apparently they want to warp it that’s some tasty curry this is a good breakfast I just tasted it but I didn’t execute to make some like those preparing me for me oh wow this had everything award-winning curried benedict lots of good stuff definitely recommended it the orange juice is so good it’s my second one now fresh orange juice they got fresh honey fresh eggs benedict it’s over the period thanks for watching the video I hope you guys liked it if you did like it hit that like button if you have any questions or comments about this hotel or about Akasaka I’ve got that’s the worst word in the world if you have any questions or comments about the hotel or Asakusa in general leave a comment in the comment section below you like this hotel review or you want to just you know see more adventures in Tokyo hit that subscribe button and catch us in the next episode do you guys say [Music] [Applause] [Music] yakitori my [Music]