What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon.. back in New York And staying in a hotel here.. Can be very expensive The #1 question I’ve received from you the viewer Is how can I find cheap accommodations when I visit New York City? Today I’m going to do my best to answer that question Make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications if you’re new to this channel For more tips and tricks From New York City here we go So I admit.. this is not the cheapest city in the world to come visit And i’m going to lead off by saying.. If you expect to come to New York City, for New Year’s Eve And stay at a hotel in midtown Manhattan For under 100 dollars a night You’re either crazy or.. yeah you’re just crazy The easiest way to get a cheaper rate in New York City Is to avoid the absolute peak seasons Which would be.. Christmas, New Year’s Time As well as the summer Your best deals are going to be. In the dead of winter After New Years If you come during the week it’s going to be even cheaper But let’s get to some cost saving techniques That I’ve got for you Tip #1 Check out the website Eurocheapo.com This is very similar to booking.com, except they put the highest rated cheaper hotels at the top of the list And we’re actually going to go through this together I’m going to put in some sample dates And show you.. what I would book If i was you Let’s say you’re planning a little Valentines Day Weekend escape We’re going to punch in those dates right now And bam we’ve got something The World Center Hotel Only $105 a night Pre-tax.You’re in a great neighborhood.. In the heart of downtown Manhattan The financial district The ratings look great 8.6 out of 10 It says the staff is friendly We could have a winner right there Another one I liked was this.. Hotel 31.. in Gramercy It’s a shared bathroom But it’s under $100 a night Can’t beat that location And the ratings also look really good Now let’s find the absolute cheapest place we can 55 dollars a night In Chinatown With a shared bathroom So a lot of the cheaper hotels in Manhattan Are going to be in Chinatown Location’s pretty central for downtown But.. it’s only got a 4.6 out of 10 Big red flag The rooms aren’t exactly romantic for Valentine’s Day Weekend And when a place has awful ratings You need to read the reviews really closely First reviews fine.. Ahh there we go. Filled with illegal substances and women that make love for money. Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything Probably not the best place for families Buyer Beware if the ratings are low Tip #2 Consider a hostel This tip even goes for my older viewers out there We’re going on hostelworld.com And instead of looking for a dorm room We’re just going to look for a private room We’ve got the Chelsea International Hostel 50 dollars a night That’s prime real estate right there For a private single A double is 71 dollars a night Now you are sharing a bathroom But that is some prime real estate in Manhattan right there I think there’s a big misconception that hostels are only for backpackers Booking a private room in a hostel Is one of the best travel techniques that I know of Not just in New York City But in any city in the world Tip #3 And shameless plug if you want to get 40 dollars off your first AirBnb stay Check out my link down below in the description And sign up through that The best way to get a cheap rate on an Airbnb in New York City Is to stay.. not in an entire apartment But to rent just a private room in somebody elses place We’re going to go to Airbnb.com together Right now.. And plug in those dates February 15th to February 17th And viola $90 a night for a room in hte middle of Manhattan You’re probably sharing a bathroom but in most of these situations Not awful if you look at some of these rates If you want to save even more money Head to one of the outerboroughs like Queens A great neighborhood like Astoria You can find spots in a room for $50-$60 a night And you could be as close as 10 or 15 minutes away from Manhattan By subway Another area I would recommend a lot.. especially for my younger viewers who enjoy the nightlife Would be Williamsburg, Brooklyn There are some great deals on Airbnb out there An important note Read the reviews closely Before booking any Airbnb I did an entire video about how to book Airbnb I’m going to put a card to it up above If you’re curious.. make sure to check that out If you absolutely positvely are broke And traveling to New York City You could attempt couchsurfing.com Which is where you stay with a local host.. on a couch Spare bed room A futon A Floor You name it, they’ve got it Not the easiest option to get I have actually used couchsurfing.com in the past It is a great way to meet locals I will say that But for single female travelers Out there in particuluar Please be extra careful Who you decide to stay with Make sure that they have.. a lot of references That reference system is very important As well in couchsurfing Tip #5 Hotel Tonight This is an app on your phone And it basically puts you in touch with hotels that have extra rooms At discounted rates Within 24 hours of checking in I woudln’t recommend this unless it was a last ditch situation Let’s say you’re connecting flight was missed Or your flight was cancelled I’ve personally used this app once.. In Rome When my flight was cancelled But you can find some absolute steals in New York City Let me give you some examples of tonight Alright so we’ve got the Chelsea Inn at $71.. a Wyndham in Chinatown.. a nice hotel chain $89 The Gatsby Hotel in Nolita A nice place $89 Certainly some deals to be had here This really does work best though On weeknights I would personally not rely on using this.. To book more than 1 or 2 nights But it could save you in a pinch Trust me Guys tells me in the comments Did I miss anything What’s your best technique to get a budget stay When you come to New York Or any other city I’m curious Make sure to subscribe If you’re new to this channel and want more tips and tricks From New York City And beyond Guys thank you so much for watching as always Until next time