The million dollar question, where do we meet affluent men? Now I’m going to tell you ladies, first of all, we are women who are not chasing for men. We are women who strategically place ourselves in areas where there is a higher ratio of affluent men. And then they have to do the work. But we just make sure we are available there where they are. That is the whole purpose of this video and I do have actually a full list of 210 places where you can meet affluent men. It’s absolutely free and you’ll get it by visiting So make sure you get the freebie after you watch this video. Being in the right place at the right time, that is the success in life and that’s what people call luck. Now to higher your chances of meeting the right person for you, you simply have to try and get as lucky as often as possible. Now that’s what I mean placing yourself strategically. There is one thing I don’t believe in ladies, and that is to be desperate and chasing men and running around town, hunting, chasing, being desperate. That’s not going to get you an affluent man. And men can sense that whether they see it or not. Sometimes it’s like the subconscious energy they feel and they can read it! You will not get a wealthy man if you will happen to be somewhere where he is. And there’s just so obvious you’re there fishing. My advice to all of you single ladies, make sure you have a life. Make sure you’re busy. Make sure you have things to do, people to meet. Make sure that all these places that I’m about to mention that they come organically to you, that you have something to do there. Even if you have to pretend a little but at least like it’s not obvious that you’re just there waiting for Mr. Charming to appear. Don’t do that. Ladies don’t forget you are of high value. You are the price. You are the one that men have to chase and conquer. But you have to help them a little bit. I guess that’s where this video comes in place. Now I do want to start with the first topic and that is, Affluent Areas Preferably you live in an affluent area. If you are able to relocate to one, that is going to serve you really well. It can be sometimes worth the investment. But if you don’t afford living in an affluent area in your city then maybe you can try and run your errands there or have friends who live there or just give yourself any form a reason to go to these areas as often as you can. Affluent areas are however a little bit better during weekends and after work hours because during work hours, the affluent men is usually in other parts of town. Unless you work from home but then you’re not going to see them anyway. But first of all, I need to debunk a myth. There are people who claim that truly rich people are never seen in public, in affluent areas or anywhere really. Basically, they mean that the chance of bumping into someone on the street is very minimal because they say that rich people, they never run their errands and never go to supermarkets and never do this and never do that. They have an army of people who are assisting them. stuff who takes care of things and so on. Now, of course, there is a category of rich people where this applies to. But this category is very very small, it’s more of the high profile rich, certain billionaires. It can be for safety reasons. It can be just personal preference. Yes, that does exist but it’s still a very small percentage. Majority of wealthy men live normal lives just like you and me. And yes you will be able to run into them where you least expect them. I’ve heard so many success stories start just this way. So I’m not going to tell you that you cannot meet your Mr. Right in your everyday life because you really can. And this is the reason why I wanted to speak about living in an affluent area. Because when you go and do your errands and let it be the dry clean,
the grocery stores, the juice bars, I don’t know maybe even the shoe repair,
churches or other places of worship or maybe even places
like waiting rooms of private hospitals or dentists or accountants. You’d be surprised there are so many! You know, out of the box areas where you actually can meet a wealthy man just randomly. From my experience, most affluent men always initiate. This is why I tell women in my online finishing school, never approach men because it makes you look desperate. Now the next popular place, Shopping. Anything that has to do with shopping where men would shop. It will be high end department stores. It would be men’s fashion designer boutiques. Maybe it’s a cigar shop. Maybe it’s a wine shop. Maybe it’s a luxury car dealer. Now on my cheat sheet, I have really given you some great examples so make sure you go to to download the full list of all the places that I recommend where you can meet affluent men. When it comes to the shopping part some people may think, but hey what do you mean in a store? How would I be able to meet a man in a designer boutique? Okay let me give you an example. Designer boutique clothing, it can be a mixed one when you have both men in the women’s fashion or it can be just men’s fashion. Let’s say you shopping for yourself if it’s a mixed shop or maybe you are there looking for something for your father as a gift? Who knows? You’re there browsing. You don’t even have to buy anything. Now this is actually a very common thing and I keep hearing it over and over again and I think I have about three friends all different from each other who have shared stories with me whenever they have been shopping for themselves in mixed designer boutique and they encountered an affluent man who probably found them attractive and pay for the items that my friends had planned to purchase themselves. I know it sounds a bit bizarre and I’m sure there are some women watching who might find this a little bit disturbing but the truth is if they’re offering why not just say thank you so much and receive, right? Women are receivers, men are givers. That’s the beauty of nature. Anyway, the point that I’m trying to make is that actually boutiques are a great way to strike conversation with someone. So many stories of women who have met affluent men this way. So if I was single, I would personally think about this next time I go shopping. Next place, Events. I know that’s very vague right. But there are many many many events, all year round and all kinds of parts of the world where the affluents meet and the where you have a high ratio of affluent men. Now, these places can be motor shows, Yor Shows, Formula One, Film festivals. It can be art shows, art based or art fairs, Frieze London. What else do we have? It can be conferences like the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos It can be Miami Winter Music Conference. It can be Art Basel, Coachella. It can be loads of different types of events. Also, travel. There are many popular jetset destination all year round where you have loads of affluent men. So you should take that into account and also budget that into your new lifestyle. Many private events as well, fundraisers, charity events, balls, any form of black tie events. Many entertainment parties, you have like movie premieres. You can have promotional parties, after parties. There are so many places where you can meet affluent men and this is actually how many women in the scene get access to these men. But then you ask yourself, okay but I don’t have any affluent friends. How do I get into these events? How do I know I’m not even leveled up? Well this is where my only finishing school can really help you because yes, of course, you do need a network of people. You do need access to this world somehow and you can access it but you really need to start somewhere. And that definitely starts with leveling up so check out if you want to learn more about this. Now before I finish off with the events, I also want to mention the different antique fairs, auctions. Don’t forget to visit sporting events, preferably like polo, sailing, golf, but there are actually many non elite sports where you will always have affluent people in the audience. In the VIP sections for instance, soccer, of important games or like NBA games is a very common one. So maybe sometimes it’s worth spending a little bit extra on tickets and get VIP seats if possible so that you can have access to these people. Moving on and this one is going to be similar to the first one that I mentioned. First I spoke about affluent areas but now I want to talk to you about business and financial districts in your town. Now, this is where you want to hang out on weekdays, during and after work hours. You want to go and have lunch somewhere where businessmen have their lunch. You want to go for a happy hour in some high end the bar. Maybe you want to be in the lobby of a luxurious hotel doing your laptop work. And trust me you will see a lot of businessmen who are there for meetings during the day. Also going yourself to conferences, to convention centers. There are many time conferences happening simultaneously as other conferences so you can try and see what’s happening if there is something that is very interesting where you can meet a lot of affluent men. There are many events that are happening in business districts so one good thing is to research about these things to kind of find out where everybody is and where you should hang out. Preferably, you would be a businesswoman yourself where you work in these companies or in this industries where you have access to a lot of affluent men. The two most common ways to actually meet a man for marriage and serious relationship is either through friends or through work. You should not underestimate the value a career can give you So that’s why I always tell my students in my online finishing school, study, get into the best university and try and find a very respected job where you have a natural access to these type of men. If you cannot access these type of jobs because of lack of education and so on, then maybe you can get a a receptionist or an assistant position. That is always a good start. Lastly ladies, I cannot leave you without giving you my two cents on online dating. Now online dating is not working in the favor for women. It’s working in the favor for men but hey it is what it is. I do advise to work in high numbers high volumes. Try and meet as many men as possible. Try and stay patient but give online dating a chance because yes it does work. Even though many women complain about it but really they complain about it because like I said, online dating does not really benefit women. It benefits more the men. But if you use it very strategically and use it as an addition to your kind of offline life, you use it like just a kind of speed up the tempo, put up the odds, yes you will be able to meet affluent men. But it does require time and patience to go through the databases, to really scan through and figure out who is affluent, who is not, who is a time waster. Should I meet him for coffee or not? Maybe I’ll do a video on this specifically, because I’ve lots t say on this topic. However, I do talk more about this in my online finishing school but I am going to give you the top names of the current dating apps. So there is… Those are kind of the most common ones. Then you also have like which is actually can work out. Some women manage to meet men on Tinder. However, you know on Tinder, you have really everybody and you have a lot of average Joes so you will have to you have to do a lot of swiping there. My advice to you ladies is to have a strong profile, beautiful pictures, neutral profile text and work in high volumes. And like that, you have a higher chance that online dating will work for you. Now I hope you have enjoyed these tips, ladies. Don’t forget to watch the rest of my video library here on YouTube, loads of free content just for you and I will see in the next video.