A lot of you guys have been requesting
videos on equipment for restaurants, bakeries, things like that and other
resources that can help you guys out. So today I decided to travel to the
Orlando Convention Center as you see behind me this gigantic building. Today they are having a restaurant equipment show where they are gonna
show the newest and latest and greatest restaurant equipment in the industry,
things about franchising, and different suppliers, and all things like that. I
don’t really know how much it normally costs to get in but one of our supplier
decided to get us into here for free. They check it out which is really really
awesome of them! So here we go! All right, I got all registered and I
just walked in and it’s huge guys! It looks like there’s everything around
here that you could imagine. So let’s take a look around and see the
vendors, suppliers, and everything else they have here. So if you have something like a pizzeria, this
is a great way to display your products. You could do this in bakeries as well. So
this one has humidity in it so it won’t dry out the pizzas that are in here.
The name of this company is HATCO. Pizza merchandising solution, so they
actually specialize in pizza. If it’s something you’re trying to keep warm
like we had the option to do this with our cookies and it was something that we
considered but we decided not to go this route because we wanted them to be a
little bit more fresh. When you start a restaurant brand, you’re gonna quickly
realize that you’re gonna have to choose between different things that you
want your restaurant to stand for so that making your equipment or buying
your equipment becomes much easier. You’ll know exactly what it is that
you’re looking for that will give out the type of product that represents your
brand. To give you guys a better sense of the
different types of ovens you can get when you start your restaurant,
this is a Blodgett section which is a manufacturer for ovens. This one is
featuring Blodgett combi oven which means that there is steam in the oven as well
as heat so that your stuff doesn’t dry out. Meat is the number one thing because
meats can dry out and in a normal oven so if you want to keep the moisture a combi oven is the
way to go. These are if like you need to keep something warm for example
like hamburgers, things like that and keep the moisture in them. You hold them
inside these little trays right here. Places like McDonald’s use that. Just trying
to show you guys a whole range of different things so you guys can get
kind of a good representation of all the different things that are out there. That didn’t just do drinks. He’s telling
me right before I left that that also does pizzas and other things like that
to make sure the toppings are identical on every pizza that goes out. Now that
will take away jobs over time but it will help the customer experience in
terms of consistency. So I just came across the sanitation booth which is
Sani space Station. What’s cool about this is instead of bringing your stuff
back to a dishwasher area, you can literally just put it in here and have
it sanitized. If it’s a situation where you just want to serve a customer, put it
in have it sanitized, and take it back out. It only takes 60 seconds to sanitize
it in this. I was just passing by a booth called Lloyd pans and I think this is
really cool for also people who start a pizzeria. I don’t know why I’m passing so many
pizzeria booths, maybe I’m in that section but if you want to make sure that every
slice you have is sliced evenly, they have this awesome piece of equipment here.
I’m assuming that would work for cakes and other things along those lines as
well or anything that you need to slice evenly. I think they do make a few
different sizes of that as well. So basically we have a pressure washer, mount on a wall, uses two different separate chemicals by
the customer, turn the machine on, grab the hose, make the attachment, clean the kitchen. So this is for any size kitchen? Any size kitchen. Cause mopping is moving dirt, this is cleaning floors. Alright so this booth is really cool I just noticed they had something that
actually could be useful for us. These are like little dipper wells. They save
water. So they help actually help the planet it would seem. It says make every
drop count. Conserve well utensil holder and then it goes by how many gallons it
is saving of water. One of the main problems in our first restaurant is that
people always turn on our dipper well onto way too high of a water level and
then we end up wasting a huge amount of water and it’s really hard to get people
to care enough about the environment and care about the cost of water. This could
be an awesome awesome solution. So this company over here that I must walk up to,
looks like they specialize in different lighting for restaurants. The company is called Baselite so if
you want to check out lighting. All right so this booth is really really
cool because they have a bunch of biodegradable different things. They have
forks, knives, straws, to-go container, stuff for french fries. as much of that as we can draw in and
fix for you guys we’ve tried. I’m super excited to announce to you the it starts
my name, signature series by Perlick, ice vault. Alright guys, so I hope that this was useful
to you guys. I had an awesome time showing you guys
all the different equipment. I hope that you guys got something out of this. I
would highly recommend coming to a show like this if you do plan on starting a
restaurant bakery or even a home-based business. Honestly it could still be very
useful to you. Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this
video. It was completely different than our normal types of videos. So now we are
leaving the Convention Center. I hope you had an awesome day with us. Remember this
channel’s not all about business, it’s also about having fun so leave your
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