– Are you guys ready
to have a good time?
– ( cheering ) – Come on in!
– Let’s go! Hey, there. You’re welcome.
How you doing, buddy? Oh, ( bleep ). Kelly:
We’re definitely gonna
have to move. – What are you drinking?
– Make sure we mark them all
as soon as possible. – Okay.
– Woman: I’m gonna do
a margarita, please. – Okay.
– Up high, good hard shake,
look around, smile. There we go, there we go. – So three margaritas.
– Three margaritas, okay. – Cheese pizza.
– Okay. ( ticking ) One cheese, one pep. – What table?
– Number seven. We got one cheese, one pep. Heard. One cheese, one pep. Ah, ( bleep ). – I would love a margarita.
– Margarita. – Four margaritas.
– That’s gonna give us – five margaritas.
– Where’s the tequila? – Rick, is this your writing?
– Yes. We got two table sixes. But one–
one’s a drink order. – I just wanna a drink.
– Who hasn’t gotten a drink yet? ( all shouting ) You’re right in front
of the bartender! I’d figure you had a shot. What are you making?
What are you making? – Uh, margarita.
– Do you have any
other margaritas? – Yes, I do. I got–
– Well, why wouldn’t you
tell him three margaritas – so he can make them all
at the same time?
– ‘Cause I screwed up. – So when do you stop
screwing up, Rick?
– Right now. – Hope so.
‘Cause look at the–
– Four margaritas. – Look at all these people.
– ( all shouting ) They’re gonna start
walking out. Frank:
Focus on those doughs and make sure
they’re not sloppy. I’m way behind.
I’m concerned about the pizzas.I mean, we’re at the fate
of the timer
I’m really nervous about it,
but I’m gonna do the best I can. Jon: Keep it neat, Taz. – Keep it neat, buddy.
– Yes, sir. ( timer ringing ) We can’t have this sauce
all over the place. – Would you serve that pizza?
– Both: No. – Then throw it out.
– Toss it. – Would you serve
this one, Chef?
– Nope. Toss it. – Toss it.
– ( timers ringing ) Jon: How many pizzas
are we behind, Chef? – At least eight pizzas.
– How many have we gotten out? – We’ve gotten zero out.
– Come on! – Keep that oven door closed.
We’re losing heat.
– Ah, ( bleep ). – Is this a margarita?
Let’s dump it.
– Yep. Does that look like a good pour?
It looks a little short. – Let’s do it again.
– Okay. Dump that.
We’re doing liquor first. The bar team doesn’t know
what they’re doing. They can’t consistently
make one cocktail. Wait, wait, wait.
Is that short? Dump it.I’ve poured out
more than half
of the cocktails
they’ve made.
– Do it again. Dump this.
– This is a disaster. Sure. – ( cheering )
– Okay. What is it? – Too sweet.
– Too sweet? Rob, tell me
if this is right. Customer returned it
saying it’s way too sweet. Terrible, right? – Did you make these?
– Yes. I’m feeling really disappointed
and overwhelmed. Let’s do it again. Let’s get that spill
right away. Stress test is awful. It is a complete
( bleep ) show in here. Frankie: Cut those
and bring them out! – ( ringing )
– What’s the matter? It tastes like a frozen pizza. – May I?
– It’s soggy. – It’s cheap, soggy.
– I’m gonna bring this
in the kitchen. I’m gonna get you guys
another pizza. – Look at this, Rick.
Got a pizza coming back.
– Ah, ( bleep ) – Not cooked.
– It’s not cooked. So when they take it out,
the first bite they take, they don’t eat anymore. I need a Bloody Mary
and two more sours. I can’t– I can’t– I can’t. Table ten,
I got a hot and a mild. – Jon: Ten tickets up there!
– Half of these tickets
aren’t even started yet. How far behind are we in time,
Frank, do we know? At least an hour behind. – ( timers ringing )
– ( bleep ) – ( ringing continues )
– ( bleep ) Sounds a bit like
Christmas here today. I’m hearing bells
on all sides of the room.As the bells go off,
the smiles disappear.Oh, don’t tell me. – ( bleep ) the one up, too.
– ( ringing ) Hi, this is Jon Taffer. Click
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