So, you just open up this great restaurant. You got oak barrel tables from France; you’ve got beautiful lighting you have an awesome space now you have this line cook – he’s smoking cigarettes he’s sloshing around the grease next thing you know grease fire. Fires not that big but the UL system goes off the sprinkler systems in the building goes off – basically, it’s a big mess. Next thing you know you’re out for a month. Now, you got to still pay the bills, what? mortgages on the place if you bought it, rent if you’re renting, the lease of course. what else? Your head chef he’s not gonna stick around for a month if you don’t pay him. Now, if you don’t have business income or the right coverages is in place this is gonna be a disaster for you you’re gonna have to start over all these improvements you made now if you have the right insurance for your business owners policy for your restaurant all this stuff goes away. You call the insurance company they take care of it – they take care of you This has been your average joe’s insurance minute taking care of you and teaching you a little bit more than you need to know.