– What’s new in Las Vegas in 2019. I’m Chris, this is Topher. This is Yelloww Productions. We do travel guides that are
fun, informative, entertaining. And in this video we’re gonna tell you what’s new to do, see,
eat and hotels to stay at if you haven’t been to
Vegas in a little while. We’ll start with what’s
new this year, 2018, 2019 and we’ll go back with some notable things you might want to see and do. Alright this is part of
our Las Vegas series. We’ve also got other videos on things like cheap eats, things to know. You’ll find links at the end
or in the description below. First let’s talk about new hotels. If you’re coming to Vegas and
you want a new place to stay, there’s some major developments this year. The first one is the Park
MGM, this hotel behind me. It used to be the Monte Carlo Hotel. It’s been completely redeveloped. And there’s also the Nomad Hotel. The entrance right here. It’s like a boutique hotel
within a hotel concept. I’ve got some reviews of that. You can check it out, link’s
in the description below. But there’s a lot of neat stuff in here. There’s an Eataly opening
soon, more on that later. Over here, if you haven’t
been here in a while, there’s the T-Mobile Arena, which is kind of a big concert,
potentially sports venue. There’s this thing called
The Park, right here, which is between the Park MGM
and the New York-New York. They always decorate it for the holidays. They’ve got performances and there’s a lot of little restaurants out there as well. Other new hotel developments,
the Mandarin Oriental, it is now the Waldorf Astoria, that’s in the City Center Complex. And so if you’ve got those Hilton points, check it out as the Waldorf Astoria. I got a review of that one too, you can find the link in
the description as well. At the Flamingo Hotel,
they’re rolling out ten, count them, ten bunk bed
suites, that’s right. If you’ve dreamed of staying in Las Vegas with a bunk bed in your room. You’ll be able to book these rooms starting February 1st
at the Flamingo Hotel. Interesting concept. Now for new rides on the strip. This one’s pretty cool, it’s at the LINQ. The LINQ ,this shopping mall
has been open since 2013, but what just opened this
year, it’s the FLY LINQ. It’s the zipline that runs over the top. You probably can’t see
anybody on it right now but if you take a look down here, here’s an advertisement for it. You can go on it seated or lying down, ten riders at a time, a
thousand feet up in the air. That’s pretty cool, a
thousand feet in LINQ. And where it goes to,
it goes from the strip to the High Roller observation wheel. That is the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. It is taller than the
London Eye in London. While you’re here at the
LINQ, if you like hamburgers definitely check out In-N-Out Burger. It’s the first In-N-Out
Burger location on the Strip, my favorite burgers anywhere. And there’s a Sprinkles
Cupcakes just behind it for some delicious cupcakes. I should mention, eat
those after you do the ride so you keep your food inside, not on anybody down here in the mall. Let’s talk about new restaurants. One of the newest
restaurants on the Strip, it’s in front of Caesar’s Palace, it took over the former
Serendipity 3 location. It’s a celebrity chef restaurant, Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. Based on the show of the same name. If you are a fan of Gordon
Ramsay’s Hell Kitchen, you’ll probably like this restaurant. Why, cause it’s themed like the show. All the tables face this
open exhibition kitchen. There’s big windows that face the Strip. And it’s got that red and
blue colors from the show. And when you walk in, you’re actually greeted by Gordon Ramsay. Well a large television that kind of does like a virtual Gordon Ramsay. And you can buy some
Gordon Ramsay t-shirts too. – Blue Team, Red Team, it’s
time to open our kitchen. Ready to enjoy our competition firsthand. Let’s go. – The most exciting new thing in 2019 for Italian food lovers
is definitely the Eataly that has opened right
on the Las Vegas Strip in front of the Park MGM hotel. What is Eataly? Just the best Italian
supermarket anywhere. But this incarnation of it is basically like an Italian food court. Lots of different places, you can get prosciutto,
you can get cheeses, you can get Roman pizza,
pastries, coffee, drinks, anything Italian, and
it’s like really good, authentic Italian stuff. I will tell you. They even have the
buffalo mozzarella cheese. The mozzarella made from buffalo’s
milk flown in from Italy. And it’s a pretty neat architecture too. It looks like a train station inside. Nothing like anything in Vegas. And the funny thing is, it opens up to the Park MGM Casino on the back side. I mean, I guess it makes
sense cause it is Vegas. I just don’t usually think
of an Italian supermarket opening up onto a Vegas casino. Well if you like Italian
food, check out Eataly. The Cosmopolitan always
has new things going on and they just opened up this Block 16. It’s a food hall up on the
second floor right off the Strip. Food hall, what’s that mean? A food court but more expensive. But actually the things
inside look pretty neat. There’s a Hattie B’s, which
is a Nashville hot chicken. There’s a place called
Lardo, which is sandwiches, their slogan is bringing the fat back. There’s a doughnut place
called the District with some $3 doughnuts. And there’s a chicken wing place with some fish sauce chicken wings. Apparently, Anthony Bourdain and Guy Fieri are fans of that spot. If there aren’t any seats
left in the food hall, you can take your food down the hallway to their Down the Rabbit
Hole seating area, Alice in Wonderland themed. It was a pretty cool place to eat. Taco Bell Cantina. Well so this one on the strip, it’s been here for a little while, but it’s been doing so well
that Taco Bell is opening another Taco Bell Cantina down on Fremont Street in downtown. If you haven’t been to Taco Bell Cantina, or don’t know what it is, it is Taco Bell’s flagship restaurant. Which means in addition to
the regular Taco Bell food, you can get alcohol at this Taco Bell, they’ve got merchandise,
they’ve got music, a DJ booth, a VIP zone, I mean
if you’re a fan of Taco Bell, and you haven’t been to
the Taco Bell Cantina, you should check it out. It is right on the corner of
the Planet Hollywood Hotel, right on The Strip. If you’re craving something
a little more local and something off The Strip,
check out Flock and Fowl. We found this place while
we were shooting this video, they’ve been open about a year, I’m shooting this in December of 2018. But what do they specialize in? They specialize in chicken,
but not just any chicken. They specialize in Hainan chicken. It’s a very popular dish
in Singapore, that I love. And this is some of
the best Hainan chicken that I’ve had anywhere in the USA. Check it out, it’s one
block off Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard. Get the Hainan chicken, you’ll like it. New shopping in Las Vegas in 2019, there’s always new stores opening, but there’s one sort of new
shopping center that opened, it’s the Wynn Plaza Shops. It’s right here on The Strip, with these little red
awnings in front of it. There’s about 20 shops
that opened in there, of course my favorite, RIMOWA,
the luggage I always carry. There’s a Le Labo, which
is like a really nice soap and lotion, but what I’m
excited for is the Urth Cafe. That’s Urth spelled with a U, U-R-T-H. They make pretty good coffees, they make pretty good pastries, so if you’re looking
for a reasonably priced pastry and dessert for breakfast, definitely check out Urth Cafe, it’s in the second floor
of the Wynn Plaza Shops. You can get to it from The Strip, you can get to it from
inside the casino as well. New in entertainment
for 2019 in Las Vegas, there’s always new shows coming and going, but a few big residences and big names. Number one, Lady Gaga is taking
up residence in Las Vegas. She just started December 2018, she’ll be playing 74 shows
for the next two years. Britney Spears, she is back. She used to be at the Planet Hollywood but now she’s over at the Park MGM, you can check her out there
for her new residency. And then of course, Cher. Well, Cher never really left,
she’s been in Vegas forever but she’s moved, she’s over
at the Park MGM now as well. So there’s always new
construction in Las Vegas, so what’s coming beyond 2019. Well the one I’m most excited
about, right back there, it’s the Resorts World complex. This is set to open in 2020. It will be an asian themed hotel. They have one in Singapore currently. It’ll have 3,500 hotel
rooms and when it opens it will be Las Vegas’ largest casino. That’s right and it’s
opening up about across or kitty-corner from
the Wynn and the Encore. What else is opening? The Raiders are building a new stadium right across from the
Mandalay Bay on the I-15. They’re set to open
here in a couple years. And what’s set to open way in the future? Well, I always hear
about this bullet train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Every year it seems like
that’s coming pretty soon, I’m not sure if I’m gonna see it in my lifetime or your lifetime. I’ll keep my fingers crossed but that’s a bullet
train really to nowhere. Something that should
happen a little bit sooner than that bullet train but
still has no date of completion is the Las Vegas Monorail extension. The Las Vegas Monorail company
is planning an extension to extend it all the
way to the Mandalay Bay. That’ll be nice because although I do like the Mandalay Bay hotel, it does feel a bit cutoff from the rest of the Strip. This Monorail extension
will help quite a bit. And what else is new
for 2019 in Las Vegas? Well, I’m sure there will be
new Yelloww Productions videos coming at ya like Cleopatra. That’s a really bad rhyme
but I’m gonna use it anyway. So if you enjoyed this
video and you want to see some other videos from Las Vegas, well they aren’t new
ones, they’re older ones, but they’re great videos
that we have in this series, you can click over here or over here on the screen to watch them or find links in the description below. We won’t say goodbye because we’ll see you in one of those videos. – [Topher] See you soon.