Is our food good or bad? After the war, we managed to provide enough
food for everyone, and that was good—it was a tour de force of the industrial food
revolution. But we overdid it, because now we have more
food available than we could ever eat. As a result, prices have of course dropped,
and competition is fierce. We’ve forgotten that the most important
job of food is to provide us with energy. Sometimes we need to make people look in the mirror too, or actually show them what the future will look like I’m not seeing that, and then of course
it becomes relatively hard to adopt a mindset where you can change your behavior. We’ve learned to want more, bigger, farther, faster—all the time. In this case, all I can say is: it would be
fantastic if you ate vegan five days a week, meat two days, and significantly reduced your portions while increasing the energetic value of food—that means reducing the energy density
a bit so that it keeps you full longer and lets you do more with less food. Human intellect is basically up to the task
given a slight shift in our interests. I have to take an interest in what it does
and then I have to understand that each Body is different. We’re made up of different genes, we have
different backgrounds, we do different things: what’s good for Dad is by no means good
for Mom. Improper nutrition is the primary cause of
obesity and the diabetes associated with that. We consume a lot of hidden sugar in foods like spreads and beverages—a hugely important factor. Ice teas are very popular in a lot of countries, for example, and we can all name other soft drinks that contain sugar. Beverages like that can cause people to put
on a tremendous amount of weight. Globally, one in three adults today is already
overweight. Over 425 million people suffer from diabetes. I believe these will increasingly be replaced
by natural or nature-identical substances. We don’t necessarily see all non-natural
substances being replaced, but substances that we now know are harmful to human health
are being targeted for replacement by things that help keep our bodies healthy.