it s a very hot day we was get out to take some pictuers you will find it in my instagram acount you will find link in description i think thats this very hot day will kill us ok we will explain in this video some details lets go lets go hello dear viewers dear magicians nop nop no no this intro not for this kind of videos this intro for tutorials and explain tricks and not this kind of videos when i will explain some details in magic so i hope you are fine in this video i will explain some types if you are magician for any kind of magic you do so i will explain it and ofcours i will take information from the top magician in this kind of magic you are into who did not spare to give it to me special thanks to theme thank you thank you thank you magic tricks or illusion
They are divided into several disciplines Which I will represent as follows i tallk english very will and also you need to know thats each one in those divided into small specialties we will not tallk about it in this video maybe we tallk about it in next videos write your opinion bellow if you want me to tallk about it street magic one of The most popular and for explain details i take information from redone souri you will fid his instagram in description also our friend hamza he s also give me some information so if you like street magic just follow this types first thing clothes Must be good felony and this type for each kind of magic because this type is important in each one if you had a nice look it s good for your personality also and you magic tricks secund thing The art of speech The art of speech or Transfer sensations that are in line with the trick this point very important So do not feel bored watching so you need to be
Active in your presentation also transfer sensations that are in line with the trick but without
Procrastination as redone say alwyse Good brevity makes sense if you like web magic as me just follow this types and for explain
I will rely on my personal experience and also other magicians experience who give me a lot of information about web magic first thing be active in social media like facebook instagram that what makes people know you second thing to perform trick thats had not alot of speach so perform short tricks and powerfull ones like coloe changes and a lot of this kind of tricks Third thing have a nice look as i say this one is very important in all kinds of magic tricks Fourthly filmmaking you should have information in filmmaking and lighting and edit also make your videos
Different and had a lot of new ideas and make it has a special touch and thats whats make people watching you becouse you have a different videos with a special touch Fifthly be creative alwyse be creative in your tricks and also in your videos your videos should have a new ideas and different so do your new tricks and also creative your videos style And finally Experience generates experience again for explain details i take information from youssef wedah you will find his instagram in description if you like close up in resturant and hotels just follow this types first thing nice look you should to have a nice look as i say this piont is very important second thing bien enime you should speak Multiple languages because you will find different people in this hotel who speak different languages so you should have mutiple languages third thing if you wanna be in this hotel a long time you should have many
suits and also many tricks because you will see the same person evry week so thats why you should have many tricks and new ones and a lot of nice suits or as i say in last words
Your suit is the uniform in the hotel Fourthly Your start should be a good start I mean a great start If you are shy or hesitant, the last result is rejection i mean you will hair this answer evry time no no thank you no no thank you so if you wanna
Avoid this answer all you wnat is a good start you need to have a good speach and a good start i hoop i explain this very will if you like close up in hotel and returant Experience begins to generate experience and for explain this i take information from abdellatif el kadiri one of the greatest in stage magiic if you like stage magic just follow this types first thing search and search and search To have a thorough knowledge about stage magic second thing write down what you find in search about stage magic like clothes and the art of speach and music … third thing add your special touch to evry show you have Fourthly chose the right music for your show Fifthly Training and Training and Training Training is the basis of all these points Training is preferred in front of the camera Your review of yourself is correct Your knowledge of your mistakes is correct To fix them and work on your presentation better if you like stage magic Experience begins to generate experience so thats evry thing in all kinds of magic And of course we did not dive deeply, but we only touched the head of the fingers and we will explain evrything in next videos and now We will tallk common points in all disciplines that mohamed amine give it to me Do not be shy training you should know your tricks as mohamed amine say For each article position and for each title article Pre-study and finaly the art of speach dears thats was the video when i had explain evrything about all kind of magic tricks ofcours
As I said, we did not dive deeply, but only touched the head of the fingers I hope that I will not be burdened with so much talk I hope this video is useful to you dont forget like and comment and subscribe if you are not already peace out evry one