If you’re a fan of roast beef, you’ve probably
enjoyed a sandwich or two at Arby’s. Well, there are a few surprising facts about
the fast-food chain you should probably know before biting into your next roast beef sandwich. Arby’s roast beef sandwiches have long been
associated with one particularly pervasive rumor. As the story goes, the chain’s signature sandwich
meat starts out as an unappetizing paste, which is later shaped, roasted, and sliced
to perfection. So… is there any truth at all to the nasty
hearsay? Sorry, conspiracy theorists: This rumor is
as false as it is disgusting. As Snopes reports, Jim Lowder of Arby’s Quality
Assurance has clearly stated: “Our product does not arrive as a paste, gel
or liquid.” Snopes further explained how an outsider might
mistake a bag of the packaged roast beef for “liquid” meat. It’s reportedly kept in a goopy solution prior
to serving, so the meat probably looks rather slimy at first glance. But Arby’s insiders confirm there’s indeed
a chunk of solid meat swimming in all that goo, and it gets roasted and sliced just like
Lowder says it does. Okay, so that old liquid meat rumor doesn’t
hold any water… but what about this particular news nugget? “A Michigan teen was finishing his Arby’s
roast beef sandwich when he bit down on something that seemed rubbery. He spit it out only to discover it was the
tip of a finger.” “Now Arby’s has since apologized, saying it
is an isolated and unfortunate incident. The risk of getting an infection from chewing
human flesh is low.” What can we say, other than: “Knowledge is
power.” Yes, Arby’s was founded on the roast beef
sandwich, and yes, they took some time to introduce other meats to their menu, but the
chain doesn’t want to be known as just a roast beef joint anymore. And that explains the focus of their 2018
campaign: “Arby’s. We have the meats.” “For sandwiches.” In an attempt to attract a younger customer
base, the company launched a series of theoretically witty commercials highlighting their various
other offerings. “Why do people still think Arby’s is just
roast beef when we have seventeen other sandwiches?” “Maybe it was because the last time you went
to Arby’s, you were with your grandparents who ate exclusively roast beef. Every meal. Somehow.” Way to call us out, Arby’s. It turns out Arby’s has even more meat than
you ever thought possible… including deer meat. “If you’re serious about getting venison,
you wake up early.” But does the world really need a fast food
venison sandwich? Apparently, yes. The sandwich proved so popular during its
initial test run, Arby’s decided to roll it out to mark the start of hunting season in
2017. “Arby’s is going to start selling venison
sandwiches. The fast-food chain says the sandwich will
include thick-cut venison and crispy onions with a berry sauce.” “A tasty venison sandwich. Arby’s says it will be one-hundred percent
deer meat, as if that has to be promised.” Meanwhile, members of The Montana Wildlife
Federation were reportedly unhappy with the move, with Executive Director Dave Chadwick
explaining to KRTV News: “They certainly probably had the best of
intentions but it’s not the best way to honor our hunting heritage in Montana.” Every few years, someone on social media seems
to make the realization that the name “Arby’s” could be a play on words. Take, for instance, this Twitter user, whose
mind was apparently blown by his own revelation. But Arby’s actually doesn’t actually stand
for “roast beef,” and squashing the rumor has proven to be quite the uphill battle. In fact, as these claims surface again and
again on social media, Arby’s does its best to set the record straight. “We came up with the name Arby’s from the
initials of our restaurant equipment company, which was Raffel Brothers. That became R-period, B-period; Arby’s.” So there you have it. Of course, a lot of the confusion probably
stems from their ’80s slogan — which was an acronym for Arby’s. “You and I love America’s Roast Beef — Yes,
Sir!” You brought this upon yourself, Arby’s. Throughout his long tenure on The Daily Show,
Jon Stewart delighted in ripping into Arby’s. “Arby’s. Isn’t there anywhere else we can eat?” “Arby’s. You think pain and grief are hard to digest.” “Arby’s. Technically it’s food.” As it turns out, Arby’s was a really good
sport about the running joke. According to Grub Street, whenever Stewart
took a jab at Arby’s on The Daily Show, the fast-food chain would send along a free lunch
the very next day. Chief marketing officer Rob Lynch explained
to Fortune Live: “If you try to stifle it, it comes across
as very inauthentic, it comes across as Big Corporate America.” And talk about good sports: When Stewart left
The Daily Show in 2015, Arby’s even made a commercial to fondly bid him farewell. Way to turn the other cheek, Arby’s! “Arby’s… No gimmicks, just diarrhea. You know who loves you, baby.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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