Hello busy people, please activate the bell icon for updates and notifications hey guys okay i’m not gonna talk, just look around yaaay, we are in Mumbai yeepie we face different situations while travelling today let’s see the situations we face, and how we behave in a hotel now I am at Marine drive, but the first thing we do when we come is we check the hotel we check the room so much like we are going to stay there for life long i always find it difficult to figure out the lights , what about you ? too much of space oh no phew! there’s hot water ,tub, yaay uugh the bedsheet i feel very cold it’s very cold, let me increase the temperature 28 is very hot set yes! i decoded it it’s an endless path, while they kept going and going they found sticks wondering what to do with the sticks, they kept going and found a boat they sat in the boat , rowed with the sticks and kept going, that’s it thank you thank you i think i really did well in the decoding if there’s a painting you don’t understand send it to me,ill decode it, from your Art Lover! hehe i’ll sleep for another hour, wake up and go shop, I’m very sleepy we can shop a lot in Bombay for example Lokhandwala Bandra linking road, Hill road Colaba market, Crawford market, too many amazing places superb jewelry, and apart from that amazing antiques, slippers, kool key chais and many more and you have lots and lots of clothes also, and you can bargain a lot so good my hair is getting shabby for the sun and humidity , God where did i put the dam keys, did i carry it i think i forgot yaa, i have to borrow another one did you face this anytime, so annoying ya what should i order? let me check what do they have what do you have? we have everything maam, tell me everything ? yes maam tell me so do you have sambar rice? we have everything apart from that do you have chicken biryani? yes maam Hyderabadi biryani and Kolkatta biryani no brother just get me idly, ok maam thank you where are the Telugu channels, haa found them this idiot didn’t subscribe to it now i should watch the Marathi channel the tub seems very exciting but God knows how many have come to the hotel it’s okay i’ll bathe in the tub when i have it in my house bye the hotel is filled with art do not disturb ? LOL, wait and see i will put you in this bag i will put you in that bag are you thinking i came with one bag and going with two It’s because of the shopping, one more bag is mandatory i’m finiding it difficult to pack now oh shit, i forgot few important things how can i forget these, i’ll take the tissues as well i ate everything, God know’s how much is the bill credit card is the only option, enough now give me thank you first thing i’ll go and do is have chicken biryani, Hyderabad is Hyderabad so these are my travel diaries from Bombay comment and let me know the situations you have faced i have to visit many places in Bombay comment about your situations and share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe bye bye see you next wednesday