Good morning Tangerineys from Las Vegas, Nevada. We are normally living in Mexico, specifically
in the state of Quintana Roo but we made a quick trip to Vegas to have some fun. And while we’re here, we are going to tell
you some mistakes that you should not make in Vegas, all of which we’ve made ourselves
in the many many trips that we have made in this fun yet dangerous City. The first thing, you just flew into Vegas
and you’re in the airport, you want to start gambling because there’s slot machines all
over, just skip those, they’re the worst odds in the city and go get to your hotel where
you want to be. Then you’re gonna head out the main doors
and what will you see… A bunch of taxis. What have we learned from traveling to many
many countries across the world, Taxi drivers are some of the most scammy people
you’ll ever encounter. What do they want? Your money, that’s all they want. They don’t have your best interest in mind. So instead, walk right past those, cross this
bridge right here to the passenger pickup area so you can use the app Anyride. If you want to get a taxi from the airport
to the strip, you might be paying 30 or 40 dollars, whereas an Uber or a Lyft is 10 to
12 dollars. Before finding Anyride, we were always opening
Uber and we were opening Lyft to try to find the cheapest one. Well, this app saves you a ton of time because
it shows both of them right there, it applies any discounts you might have and you can book
it right from the app. One of my biggest mistakes in Vegas is wearing
the cute shoes, not the comfy shoes. Or what I did this time is… Should we go down this
way? Yeah. What I did this time was wear new shoes, new
boots, thinking like these will be more comfortable than the shoes I have… Wrong! I have blisters all over my feet now from
various shoes that I brought. So, make sure to wear the most comfy shoes
you have and break them in because the strip is huge and there’s tons of walking to be
done. Yeah, even if you’re taking taxis, or Ubers,
or Lyft, or whatever, you’re still going to be doing a lot of walking. Even just from your hotel room to the Uber/Lyft
pickup area, you could be walking like 15, 20 minutes just to get there. So, comfy shoes are a must. The next big mistake you should not make is
counting on winning. The last time we were in Vegas we made these
mistakes (in our videos) by sort of accidentally sensationalizing gambling. Really we won a of couple small jackpots,
we were just super excited about it. But the reality is, you’re probably going to come
home with less cash in your pocket than you came with. It’s really easy to get in this gamblers mindset
of “I’m due for a win” or “oh, I’m on a huge winning streak”. Set limits and know when to walk away. So, let’s say you want to lose no more than
$300 and you’re here for three days. Well, you might want to set a limit of $100
maximum losses per day and also know when to walk away if you’re winning. So, don’t count on winning because the casinos
are good at getting your money. Gamble responsibly is what we’re trying to
say. The next big mistake that you’re definitely
going to want to avoid is forgetting that you’re in the desert. And it’s pretty easy
to do this because you’ve got all these huge hotels around, all with their own plants and
decor, so it doesn’t really feel like a desert. If anything, it’s like an oasis in the desert,
but it’s still the desert. So, it’s really easy to get sunburned while
you’re out and walking around, it’s super easy to get dehydrated because you’re sweating
a lot and likely drinking a lot, so don’t forget you’re in the desert. Put your sunscreen
on, drink lots of water throughout the day and even maybe drink some electrolytes as
well because it’s very easy to get dehydrated. Oh yeah, that’s an easy one to forget. Yeah. When you get to Vegas, there’s going to be
tons of great food and lots of free drinks. So, the next big mistake you need to avoid
is eating too much and drinking too much. In Vegas, you’ve all these great awesome filled-with-food buffets and the mentality can sometimes be like “eat as much as you possibly can to
get your money’s worth”. Sometimes? Always. Pretty much always, yes. But, when you eat too much, then the next
few hours are going to be spent in so much discomfort, so it kind of ruins part of the
day. The other thing is, just about every drink
you can possibly buy comes in the biggest size container you can imagine – in various
shapes and sizes. But you’re going to be compelled to drink the whole thing. And yet again, you
may end up in a sticky situation where you’re freaking plastered and that ruins like part
of the day. So, you have to be careful about you know,
over indulging in any of these things because it’s pretty darn easy to do when you’re in
Vegas. Yeah, especially when there’s tons of free
drinks and that’s the next big mistake is buying your own drinks when you can get them
free while you’re gambling. And you might think that you have to be betting
big or something, no you can be – literally be playing slowly on penny slots and you’ll
still get unlimited free drinks in any casino. As long as you’re consistently gambling. But obviously these drinks are free so you
need to tip your cocktail waitress, if you want her to come back that is, and because
it’s the right thing to do, there free drinks, come on. Yeah, so, at least a dollar a drink. So, for free drinks you’re going to get in
casinos, the general rule is: The nicer the casino, the better the alcohol, the higher
quality drinks you’re going to get comped while you’re playing. Our favorite places to play are the Wynn,
Cosmopolitan, and Cromwell because we get high quality alcohol for free. You might be noticing that I’m carrying around
this sweater with me while walking around, it is not cold outside at all but it can be
cold inside the casinos. So, another big mistake you can make, besides
walking backwards with the camera, is to not Bring at least a light sweater so you can put
it on in the casinos because they can be a tit nippley [Laughter]. They can be a tad cold. [Laughter] Though some people will say that this is a
good thing and that you can get lots of free stuff but personally we don’t think it’s worth
it at all and that is getting sucked into timeshare deals. Well, how are you going to know it’s a timeshare? They’re typically going to ask, “hHey,
are you guys married?” or “Are you here on your honeymoon?” They’re also gonna ask how old
you are. How long you’re in town. All those are questions that it’s going to
be a timeshare sales person trying to get you to go to their thing and offering you
free show tickets, free dinner, or something like that. And if you think it’s worth the time. They
could say it’s an hour or two, it’s probably likely five hours or there abouts. If you think it’s worth spending part of your
trip to do that, by all means go ahead. But in our opinion, if you have a short trip,
you’re gonna be wasting basically half the day to end up getting a show or a few buffet passes. Is it really worth it? Instead of trying to save money by going to
a timeshare presentation, we recommend playing the Wynn and MyVegas apps. For example, this trip, we’re staying at the
Wynn for four nights, it would have been $2,400 to get this room for those four nights because
it’s a really expensive time, there’s a popular conference in town. So this is our first time staying at the Wynn
hotel. We’re gonna give you a little tour of our room and let you know what we think. So you walk in here, there’s this gigantic
mirror, we have a closet and two super luxurious robes inside here, like really silky with
kind of like this towel material on the inside, safe, and we got a room for some reason with
two queen beds. Beds are very very comfortable with soft bedding and
everything. Pretty huge windows, there’s a desk, dresser, and chairs. But here’s the interesting thing, as you see
Jordan running laps right now, there’s all this floor space, like it’s super empty in
the middle of the room as if there could have been like a couch and a coffee table or something
but there’s just as all this empty space in here. Jordan, how many square feet is this? 650. So, pretty big selling point for the Wynn
that the rooms are huge but it’s like almost… What the heck is the point the room being
this big? There’s like nothing, the space is totally wasted
in here. I think your typical hotel room is 300 or
350 square feet. Oh, and there is the bathroom as well, but
as far as this middle area, it’s like… I don’t know if you were thinking “oh, it’s
a great gigantic big room” there’s a lot of it that’s not used. But this bathroom I think is really cool,
a little vanity area to do makeup and stuff, two sinks, a bathtub, and shower. Really nice shower and like massaging head with
the water. Do I think this is worth it? I like the Wynn Hotel, I like gambling here,
the drinks are really nice when you’re gambling and everything. We’re just about to go check out the pool
but I don’t think it’s that much more special than some other hotels we’ve stayed out on
the strip for less money. Yeah, but I mean, there’s a huge conference
going on, so it’s not usually six hundred dollars a night, usually it’s around two hundred
a night. Still though, would you pay the $200 a night
versus another hotel? No I’d stay Cosmopolitan. Yeah. For the same price. Absolutely! I mean – and so, I think it’s cool we use
the Wynn app to get these nights for free, but as far as other hotels that are comparably
priced, I just don’t know that there’s anything special. And something super interesting, we got in
here and there was someone else’s freaking clothes in like a drawer, so I was like “Uh,
should we be worried about the cleanliness in here?” I don’t know. They seemed pretty embarrassed about it. Yeah. And oh, I forgot about this… Hey Alexa, close the shades. OK. Alexa, set the temperature to 76. Alexa, turn off the lights. OK. So there’s also that [Laughs]. Yeah, that’s pretty cool [Laughs]. And with MyVegas, we get lots of free and
discounted shows, free buffets, buy-one-get-one buffets, all kinds of stuff like that. And we did a whole video on saving money,
getting comps, getting free rooms. So, we’re going to link to that… Here. Another mistake you’re gonna want to try and
avoid is over planning while you’re in Vegas or just not leaving enough time, like buffer
time in between your activities: like meeting up with friends for brunch, going to a buffet,
trying to get across the strip to go to a show, or whatever it is. Things tend to take
way longer in Vegas than you think they’re going to take. Even getting from your room to your Uber downstairs
is going to take wildly longer than you expect. So, if you’re gonna plan a bunch of stuff,
leave enough time in between. So, we’re here for four days this time and
all we have planned this entire time is two shows, just because there’s so much to see
and do here. Even if you have nothing planned, you will
not get bored. Another big mistake is not signing up for
the casino loyalty programs. Even if you don’t gamble, just signing up
for them gets you a 10% discount at most of the shops in most casinos. So, do that, there’s often a promotion for
free play or free shows based on a certain amount of play. Now what else can they get you? Well, so, signing up, even if you’re not a
big gambler, we did this at Cosmo (Cosmopolitan hotel). I didn’t have an account, signed up for a loyalty card,
and we played for a few hours during the day at like 20-cent machines. Yeah. And you would think
that isn’t enough to do anything for you but in actuality, a few months later I got offers
for complimentary nights. Two complimentary nights on certain days that
they had. So, even that little bit of play, which by
the way, we were also getting free drinks during that time, we still got free room offers. So, that’s the type of thing that can happen
from these loyalty programs. You look at the cost for those nights, they’re
like minimum around $200. I’ve seen them as high as $800, probably even
higher than that. They are luxury rooms and Cosmo is my favorite
hotel on the strip. Yes so, that’s probably just an introductory
offer though, that’s not something you’re going to get repeatedly. So, some casinos will do that as well. Like they’ll offer you better offers than
you would get for that amount of play, just to try to get you to come back to the casino
and gamble there. But still, don’t miss out on it by not signing
up for these loyalty programs. Hi, I’m a bird! Bahhh!! Before you go, please drop us a comment and
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