I really like adventure, but I’ve swayed far to the other end of the pendulum with “adulthood.” With my sister, she’s sort of my little buddy. We can’t really catch up ever. (Headphones): Hey Jennie, it’s Jo. I don’t even need to say what I need. You just know. Whenever we spend time together, uninterrupted, really brings us back to when we were kids. (Headphones): I needed to just go somewhere and we just drove up to San Francisco and had some quality sister time. When we experience something, that always draws us closer together. (gasps) You left that experience just thinking about so much of your memories. Maybe how you want to take some of those memories and shape your future. So much of what we really lack in our everyday is the ability to be present. Some of our best memories are when we travel. Break away. This will remind us that we need to do this more and experience more.