it’s the first video of amber Geiger after the jury’s verdict the tables have turned on the ex-cop now she’s the inmate being processed into jail the video shows a court officer removing Geiger’s handcuffs she’s the same officer who offered comfort by stroking her hair after the verdict came down Geiger’s walked out of frame where she’s fingerprinted then she’s brought back to sign paperwork before she was taken to jail for the night Geiger was back in court Wednesday morning for the sentencing phase her attorneys asked that her shackles be removed Geiger was convicted of murdering church-going accountant both um Sean after mistaking his apartment for hers the victim’s father took the stand and tried to keep his composure as he remembered his son I’ll never see him again and they wanted to see him students then it was the ex Police Officers mother’s turn to take the stand on behalf of her daughter she always tell me she wishes she could take in his place [Music] you [Music]