– [Narrator] At Wachter, we drive efficiency through connection, enabling business transformation
for over 90 years. As a restaurant technology
solutions expert, we select and connect the
cutting edge technologies that will keep you ahead
of the competition. Today the customer experience
in business efficiencies begin before your guest even
enters the restaurant. You’re the expert in your business, and how to manage a rush,
or work through peak times. But Wachter reimagines these traditionally labor intensive, analog procedures into predictive, real time, automated and even geographically-specific processes through digital transformation. How do you unlock the same
insights and intelligence that online retailers glean from websites but within your own brick and mortar? How do you maximize efficiencies using real-time data and insight? How do you gauge the customer experience without ever connecting
with your customers? Wachter sheds light on these issues by uncovering key data points that were never before measurable, through the integration of
existing and new technologies. How do you protect your
people and your customers? How do you ensure safety
protocols are being met and to standards? How do you become the most agile and efficient labor
force in your industry? By integrating existing
and new sensor data, and automating processes and equipment via real-time and predictive analytics. Wachter helps you consolidate your store, equipment, people and customer data into a single pane of glass. Unleashing actionable insights across your entire enterprise and customer-base. Both IT and OT technologies
are at the core of the Wachter connected
restaurant of the future. By enabling connectivity and visibility throughout the organization,
we drive efficiency through connection, information and communication. Learn how Wachter can help
your restaurant compete at wachter.com/connectedrestaurant.