Hi I’m Jordan! If your gas range has a yellow or orange colored
flame instead of the standard blue, it might be due to the following factors. Before working on this appliance make sure
that the power is and the gas have been disconnected and turned off. If you have an orange or yellow burner flame
on your gas range, make sure the burner port holes are clean and free of debris. Spill overs and cooking grease can block these
openings which can effect the flame color. Use a small sharp utensil to clean these areas. If you take the burner valve apart to clean
them, make sure you place them back in the proper position as this can also effect the
color on your range. The orifice disburses the fuel from the gas
line to the burner, located underneath the range. Be sure you are using the proper orifices
depending on whether your range uses liquid propane or natural gas. Along with the orifices, make sure that the
gas pressure regulator valve was changed over and the brass orifice also called the spud
that supplies the bake burner was adjusted. Every gas range has a gas pressure regulator
valve however your model may look different depending on your make or model. On our model, the vale is going to be located
right here near the bottom. Another reason why your flames might be turning
yellow or orange is because there’s a carbon monoxide build-up in your system. If that’s the case, be sure to turn off your
system and call a local technician in order for them to help you. Remember you cannot see or smell carbon monoxide
so I suggest you place alarms around your home. After following all of these steps, reconnect
your power source and turn on the gas. And if it still doesn’t work, contact your
local technician or check your manual. If you need to replace any part on your appliances,
you can find an OEM replacement part on our website. Thanks for watching! Your support helps us to create these free
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