The main benefit of the Vulcan V-series braising pan is the versatility it offers your food service operation. It’s a primary alternate piece of equipment for just about anything you want to do. From griddle, broiling, to pan-frying, to steaming. And that means you can cook pan-fried chicken, steamed vegetables, grilled cheese sandwiches, stew, chilies. It all can be done in the Vulcan V-series braising pan, and it can be done to perfection. Vulcan’s V-series braising pans are quality-built products manufactured in Troy, Ohio. The quality that we put into our Vulcan V-series braising pan starts and engineering, goes to the manufacturing floor, through assembly, and through shipping. The workmanship that we put into our quality cannot be beat by any other manufacturer on the marketplace. We have a few key features that set the Vulcan V-series braising pan apart from the competition. Closed interior corners, easy to clean up. Embossed gala markings that never go away. You can always see how much product you have in your braising pan. Drop down pan support is standard. With our drop-down pan support, it’s always there, always ready to be used. The Vulcan V-series braising pan can be used by college and universities, child nutrition programs, full-menu restaurants, business and industry kitchens, military kitchens, just about anybody who’s doing any kind of volume cooking with desire to have a Vulcan V-series braising pan in their operation. The Vulcan V-series braising pan. Think of it as your jack of all trades and master of all processes.