With a comprehensive lineup of durable, reliable pre-rinse units, T&S leads the industry with more available options and accessories than any other manufacturer. And with unmatched selection, T&S makes it easy for customers to choose precisely the right pre-rinse unit configuration for their unique application. Remember: with T&S, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all pre-rinse unit. Let’s cover the six main pre-rinse unit configuration types currently available from T&S. The overhead spring style is ideal for pre-rinsing and a single or double compartment sink. The overhead support spring holds the hose in an upright position as its pulled down during use. Designed to make operation easier by gliding during use, the rotoflex design allows for smooth movement and quick retraction when not in use. Providing enhanced protection for the hose, the overhead swivel arm configuration features an arm at the top of a riser that swivels to allow the hose to move freely back-and-forth– spraying into numerous areas below. With more than five feet of available hose reach in any direction, the tall riser on the balancer style supports the hose overhead, providing maximum range of motion for multipurpose use. Designed for compact kitchens and other areas where space is at a premium, the low-profile configuration is ideal for general pre- rinsing when overhead clearance is limited. For tasks such as filling sinks or pots, T&S big flow pre-rinse units deliver large amounts of water quickly–featuring inlets and nozzles with no restrictions on add-on faucets. Let’s review some additional options that can help increase efficiency, maximize space, conserve water, and save money. Also known as pop-and-lock, easy install is available on many pre-rinse unit models and configuration types. This convenient feature allows the installer to quickly insert or pop the riser into the base faucet, then tighten the locknut, or lock, to complete–saving up to sixty-six percent of typical installation time. With two cartridge options for pre-rinse units, T&S has the right solution for any application. The eterna compression cartridge comes standard on most T&S pre-rinse units and is the preferred choice for water supplies that contain sand or other gritty materials. Customers can also specify ceramic cartridges at no additional charge. Designed for heavy use with a lifetime guarantee, cerama is the first truly commercial ceramic cartridge. T&S offers four primary types of pre-rinse unit hoses, giving customers the ability to choose based on preference. No matter the space, configuration, or plumbing requirements of a particular application, T&S offers a variety of inlet options to suit any setup. Finally perhaps the most important option of all– the spray valve. T&S is proud to offer the broadest selection of spray valves on the market today. From the ultra low flow and Quick Connect models to a selection of all-purpose valves. The best choice of spray valve is one most directly suited for the specific application. And with all three valves tested to at least 1 million cycles, T&S offers a lineup that’s proven to perform time after time. With a full selection of accessories available, T&S makes it easy to fulfill special requirements and customize a pre-rinse unit that fits any unique application. Originally created by T&S, the innovative add-on swivvle attachment can be added between the spray valve and the hose to allow for 360 degree rotation, eliminating wrist strain and reducing torque on the hose itself. This nylon bristle brush is the perfect way to turn a pre-rinse unit into a true multitasking tool. Available on certain spray valves models, the brush allows users to simultaneously scrub dishes while pre-rinsing–saving time and labor. Designed to prevent contaminated water from being drawn back into the supply system, the small but vital vacuum breaker is often a code requirement. Special add-on wall brackets can be added to increase overall stability, reduce strain on the pre-rinse unit, and provide support at the riser. If a sink will be used for more than just pre rinsing T&S offers a variety of nozzle types and sizes to accommodate multiple applications. Installing a tea accessory splits the water source in order to safely and efficiently supply water to other systems. With so many choices available, there’s a TNS pre-rinse unit to fit any application. And thanks to the quality reliability, and expertise of T&S, customers can count on their uniquely configured pre-rinse unit to perform for years to come