Today’s chefs and operators alike know that to be successful, they need kitchen performance, consistent food quality, great service, and efficient operations. Restaurants need a broiler they can count on to deliver an experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Cooking food on the grill can be challenging. Broilers are not known for their efficiency and usually take a higher skill level to produce delicious results. The garland high efficiency broiler takes a different approach. You can achieve consistent results with less operator skill or attention needed, all while yielding long-term energy savings. The key to consistency is heat management. Heat is transferred in a more controlled manner for an optimum searing temperature of 625 degrees. This results in proteins that are perfectly seared on the outside but not before the food is cooked to the proper temperature on the inside. Lower temperatures can also be achieved consistently for more delicate proteins such as fish or vegetables. The Garland high efficiency broiler generates heat more evenly across the entire surface. Durable cast-iron radiance retain and radiate heat more effectively than stainless steel used in other broilers. Shuffling product position to find hot or cool zones is no longer necessary. This improves productivity and enables almost any operator with minimal training to achieve consistent, high-quality results. Startups are as simple as flipping a switch. The handy quick switch automatically starts a sparking sequence, which then opens up the gas valve to almost instantly fire up the unit. Convenient high-low controls can be preset to optimum temperature configured for your menu specifically. For even greater energy efficiency and flexibility, the larger 48 and 60 inch broilers are divided into zones, allowing you to ignite only half the broiler during non-peak times. So you can cook a variety of proteins and other grilled items at the same time. Once set, no adjustment is necessary and mistakes are a thing of the past. The fuel consumed by pilot lights adds up over time. That’s why there are no pilot light in the garland high efficiency broiler. Instead, an electronics sparking mechanism lights the burners, which automatically re-sparks–should gas flow be interrupted or the flame extinguished for any reason. This contributes to reducing fuel consumption by as much as twenty percent. Garland delivers the optimum grill temperature evenly across the surface, which manages total fuel consumption. Combined with options such as the refrigerated cabinet base, fajita pan rack, or sub rail, this brother is flexible to respond to today’s ever-changing kitchen design. Cleaning is critical to the kitchen. To avoid flare-ups and to extend equipment life–which is why the Garland high efficiency broiler is even easier to clean, season, and maintain. Modular reversible grates are easy to handle and remove for cleaning. As are the side shields and large-capacity drip trays. The robust grill, radiant plates, and burners are made from durable cast-iron. Beneath the burners, stainless steel deflectors contribute to heat efficiency and reduce flare-ups. Solid stainless steel construction throughout and commercial grade components ensure a robust, durable product built to last. When much of your menu depends on the broiler to deliver great taste and energy savings, you’ll need the performance of the Garland high efficiency broiler. Better, more consistent, high-quality results. Less labor, waste, and energy. Better food for your customers, higher profits for you. Plus it’s backed by Manitowoc kitchen care. Performance for a lifetime.