Alright, so today I’m gonna show you what I spend in a typical day living here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Now the first thing I’m going to show you is my breakfast which I already bought in advance. I bought this fruit the night before because actually in my neighborhood the fruit markets and the fruit stands don’t usually open too early So I’m gonna add this to my total for today, even though I bought this fruit last night. but it’s for today. So today I have 40 baht which is about $1.30 and I got pineapple and papaya. The papaya here is really good. So is the pineapple. So I’m starting my day. I’m up to a dollar thirty when I come back. I will actually show you more of my apartment it’s kind of messy right now, but it’ll be better once I come back because I actually have a weekly cleaning service so more details later Another thing that pretty much always spend money on almost every day, is some kind of tea or drink or something like that So that’s because since I work online I need a nice place to sit and work and coffee shops are just an easy way to do that. So today I came to one of my favorite places and I got a Thai tea Here we go Just kidding, that cup is empty. I devoured it. It was really good I drank it so quickly I didn’t even have time to do the video before I started you have some but The Thai tea is sixty baht, so that’s two dollars now a thing about Thailand I also found this was true in India the prices aren’t always what you might think it is. Meaning You might spend more, sometimes I spend more on teas and drinks than I do on meals. Like I know places where I can eat for a 30 baht. This tea was sixty, double the price But the tea is delicious and then I get to sit here all day and use the Wi-Fi, so I chalk that up as a win so Thai tea 60 baht, that’s two bucks. Alright, so time for lunch and lunch here is only 60 baht. 60 baht for a big bowl of noodles and vegetables Which is about $2, so. Can’t beat that. I’m not complaining over this lunch, so we’re doing well so far Alright, so I haven’t had dinner yet, but I stopped for a snack This is called khanom krok. It is 20 baht so it’s about 70 cents my friends are here having some bites as well It’s so good. I’m here at this local market where they make them, and this was Ankor’s first time having one What do you think? It’s like crispy on the outside, mushy on the inside Sweet, and a little bit of salt. It’s perfect. And I know Chris likes it too because he’s just like taking them and eating They like the fact that I’m kind of distracted with you know holding the camera and talking to you guys So it’s like prime time, but you should definitely have more Definitely tasty. What is it called? Khanom krok. 20 baht well spent today. Oh my God, I’ve got to put this down and start eating before there is none left. Okay, I’m still at this market. I bought some food for a takeaway. I bought This mysterious bag of vegetarian food. It’s 20 baht, yisip baht And I think it looks really good. Alright, so spring rolls here at the market are like 10 baht each. That’s like 30 cents per spring rolls so not bad Although I’m not paying for them I paid for the khanom krok that they devoured so he’s getting the spring rolls Alright, I think this is gonna be my last purchase of the day Mainly because I’m also out of cash. I need to just an ATM or something, but here we go Dessert last purchase of the day 10 baht, so 30 cents, and it’s like a really delicious. It’s like Sticky rice on the bottom of holding too many things. Let me put this down for a second actually Okay, sticky rice on the bottom, and then it’s like a coconut and black Black bean thing on top which really doesn’t sound that good I know But it tastes good, so that’s what it’s about so I think that’s gonna wrap up my purchases for the day but I will show you my apartment and Do all that in a bit what are you guys so are we about to eat just on this corner here? Is that you know when you travel you really get accustomed to doing things kind of rouge, so I think we’re about to Just eat here in the middle of this market putting sauce on food Okay, okay, I was wrong about that being the last money I was gonna spend today because those spring rolls were really delicious So we had to get more so that’s another like ten baht, another thirty cents for the day. I have to do some math at some point and tally all this stuff. I hope you guys are taking notes. I Don’t know that I was. I’ll have to look back at this and see Chris is always ready to jump in I’m still licking of this sweet sticky banana rice So good here. The food’s amazing. Alright, so sometimes you definitely see the most random things in Thailand like Yes, I hope this is here just for Halloween, but I’m not sure because it’s in like a lingerie shop Is there some like epidemic that like are people wanting some Alone time at night with like the Tigers Is that a giraffe you guys this is giraffe either way. I’m a little bit concerned, but I just want to share What I’m seeing on the road Alright, I made it back home. It’s my lovely clean apartment Here my bathroom my basic stuff and My apartment is really not an apartment. To be honest it’s basically a hotel room cuz I’ve rented for the month But I love it here. The reason I chose this place. It’s actually The same price as a lot of more full apartments, but I got this one because in Thailand The beds tend to be so hard, but this one’s actually not that bad. The bed is pretty comfortable So that’s how I made my decision and Here the apartment is seven thousand baht per month that includes cleaning So that works out too. Oh? Let me do the math one second Okay, I had to put my phone down to do the math. Oh, I didn’t really do the math the calculator did the math so Seven thousand baht, so it’s about 230 baht a day, so it’s actually about seven dollars a day that I’m paying to stay here So seven dollars a day add that to my tally and what do we have? I don’t know that ended up on the screen for you. See how much I spent today, but it’s not a lot at all. Alright, so if you’re interested in visiting Thailand, spending some time here And now you’ll know what to expect But keep in mind the price for my apartment is based on a monthly rental So if you’re coming just for a few days or a week you’ll probably have a different price Happy traveling!