So… What’s the plan? You’re gonna watch that bank like a deer feeder. In time, we’ll be right. Now, let’s see what they got to eat here. Howdy ma’am, how you doing today? Hot, and I don’t mean a good kind. So what don’t you want? Pardon? What don’t you want? Oh, well… I think I’ll just … You know I’ve been working here 44 years. Ain’t nobody ever ordered nothing but t-Bone steak and a baked potato. Except this one asshole from New York tried to order trout back in 1987. We don’t sell no goddamn trout. T-Bone steaks. So either you don’t want the corn on the cob, or you don’t want the green beans. So what don’t you want? I don’t want to bring beans. I don’t want green beans either. Steaks cooked medium-rare. Could I get my steak cooked just a… Don’t want no questions. All right. Iced tea for you boys. Iced tea would be great. Iced tea. Yes, thank you, ma’am. Uh-huh. Well, tell you one thing. No one’s gonna rob this son of a bitch. My word.