So you have seen the budget hotel here in
Bali I’m gonna take you round today a slightly more upmarket hotel not
particularly expensive good value by my standards in Australia anyway so what do
you get for about $90 Australian I think that’s probably around about $65 u.s.
what sort of hotel can you get you’re certainly gonna get a pool you possibly
might even get pool side room for a little bit more money so we’ve got this
beautiful room and we’ve got a welcome fruit bowl with
a gorgeous little snake fruit which by the way I’ve done a video all about the
snake fruit you can check that out the room itself comprises of a little
dressing area at the back here there is a safe box these pretty little baskets
there is me hello everybody they’re sort of rainwater shower and a
toilet here now as quite often is the way in a lot of these Asian hotels they
have these sort of glass enclosures but at least at least this one has a little
sort of modesty curtain if you want to sort of a section off the shower and
bathroom area so a nice modern sinks welcome water the room has a nice
balcony here with seats in the table outside a nice little sitting area we
look out onto the water park here at kuta hopefully that’s not going to be
too noisy you’re gonna get a full breakfast in the morning and this
breakfast by the way in this hotel is quite amazing it’s pretty outstanding in
the Amnanya hotel just in case I’ll put it in the title but yes it’s an a la carte
breakfast and a really high-quality breakfast so good morning it’s our first morning
in the Amnaya Hotel we’ve actually changed rooms we changed so we had a pool
view how beautiful this is you can hear the Balinese glockenspiel playing
downstairs sort of gentle music in the background we’re about to head
downstairs and check out the breakfast come on join me so I’ve gone for banana
juice we’ve got a Danish lovely apricot Danish there I’ve got a flat white
coffee which is lovely freshly made and every breakfast comes with a platter of
fruit and also this lovely homemade granola all that for breakfast and the
main course is yet to come the chef here chefs Sigit is outstanding Michele’s
gone for this mango broccoli smoothie bowl now it’s quite small actually but
she’s had it three times on a row because it’s so delicious she liked it I
mean that’s quite amazing and that’s technically half of my breakfast
including the drinks of course but the main course is still to come
I’ll be honest it’s probably one of the best hotel breakfasts
I’ve had and that’s saying something in the Amnaya you’re gonna get offered a
full a la carte breakfast you basically choose from three courses
there’s an entree there’s a main course which are outstanding
really delicious you’re gonna get a fresh fruit juice you’re gonna get
served a girl comes around from the bakery she’ll bring you most delicious
breads freshly brewed coffee really good coffee here and did I miss anything I tell you what it’s a feast I did forget right they also bring a lovely fruit platter
as well now I come down a little bit earlier I just want to have a fresh
coffee they’ll do cappuccinos lattes espressos whatever you like then we have
two coffees yeah one cappucino one flat white thank
you thank you very good service I mean you get good service in
in the smaller hotels as well to be honest but you just get more of it in a
hotel that’s a little bit more upmarket but I’m really surprised about that the
price here in Bali and it is low season were probably paying a little bit less
than what you would normally pay at the pricing the quality I don’t know that
even a good five star hotel in Melbourne for instance we have much higher
quality of staff service so yeah you’re getting a big bang here
but it actually feels a little surreal really because not many weeks ago we’re
in a small motel in Australia which was possibly costing around about 50%
more than this a simple motel room with no breakfast and so here we are in a
four-star hotel in Bali for ninety Australian dollars about 65 us I think
per night and we’re getting a real 5 star service it is a four-star hotel
but yeah trust me this is a five-star service there’s a few small shortcomings
in the hotel little things that differentiate it between the full five
star experience but as a rule most people will be very happy with the
standard / service you’re getting here certainly the standard of food is
exceptional so we arrive for afternoon tea how are you so what do you have
so some coconut a clip-on hello how are you
is it okay you mind thank you music playing in the background well we have
our opportunities coffee Indonesia are one of the largest
producer coffee in the world very nice so we’re gonna give these a little try
see you on the light now that’s that’s Michelle’s I already had it a bite out
of mine before I thought of turning the camera wrong nothing a little light
sponge cake it’s got a little bit of sweetness but their coconut in there I
think very delicious this is a sweet potato
this one is a coconut pandan this one’s a famous Balinese layer cake this one is
a coconut I think with the palm sugar so I don’t know quite how you meant to lift
this is like a little little jelly give it a try it’s for palm sugar go in here
it’s gonna it’s gonna get messy so that that’s delicious it’s just sweet
a little bit of palm sugar gelatine set things I was probably done with the agar
agar I’m guessing they would use that to to find it now this Michelle’s just
about cannot immediately coconut coconut is
there chocolate is it a chocolate basic cocoa paste I would say yes probably
chocolate and cocoa should be using that the fullest that’s delicious that’s coconut so
gelatine based very sticky very delicious yeah this is made with
this sweet potato and I love the colors look at the colors of this much stuff
totally from my mouth that is really nice so it’s the sweet potato it’s also
got coconut I’m pretty sure this coconut in now it’s much denser it’s a little
bit like a sort of dumpling like just sort of rich something very sweet
delicious but not as sweet I like this anyway I think that’s enough hush head
my thoughts get yourself over to Bali Indonesia
check out the m9 hotel under here and just have a lot of fun the locals
they’re lovely take care see you in the next video it’s
low season so we only paid about $30 u.s.