Thank you for treating us, Gong Myung Thank you There is pork cutlet There are noodles too (The cafeteria in our university sells great food) (Gong Myung cuts the cutlet for the girls) (They start to dig in) They eat a lot Yes, they do (They eat deliciously) Hye Sung ate so much at the snack bar earlier on I think because she can’t eat regularly these days… she craves for food But you may crave food because you feel empty in your heart He must be feeling lonely She gets to the point She is straightforward Look at his face (He got attacked) I was exhausted after we took the class… but I got so excited to see you now You should be excited to see your husband She’s always excited to see me ♥ (She’s more excited to see the both of them today) Gong Myung doesn’t look like it… but he is quite straightforward I think he is coy Thank you ♥ You look great together I watch your marriage life on TV very often What do you think of us? I was shocked when he hugged you in bed Where are you putting your hands! You should not only think about your father-in-law but also think about me Some sisters-in-law are scary They are Your hands…! You should touch her more often (They blush) She is unpredictable Touch her more often She is desirable Touch her more often While we were walking around hand in hand I felt like we were a real campus couple and it was great It was a very satisfying and happy day I want to write down every memory in my diary Since he enjoyed together and also looked happy I really appreciate my husband ♥ (On a sweet spring day at Sungkyunkwan University)