Today we’re gonna try
to train them for stress test. Clearly, this group has had
no formal training whatsoever. We’re going to try
to elevate them and get the excited
about working behind the bar. – You’re new to me. I’m Mia.
– Yeah. Hi. Nice to meet you.
Welcome back. Now, you guys need to be a bit
more classy and professional, and that’s what we were
missing last night. So this is why
we’re gonna practice. The purpose of this exercise
is so that every staff member
knows their position… Hi, gentlemen.
Welcome to WildFire Bistro. …and has
a positive attitude. And then seat them.
This is just a little practice. How does this work
for you guys? All right,
let me grab you some menus. No, there’s already
menus on the table,
but Mae is our server. So now you have to walk away
and greet the next people, and now enters our server. Welcome to WildFire Bistro.
My name is Mae. I’ll be your server tonight.
Do we know what we’re having? I’m gonna go with that spicy
shrimp Bloody Mary, please. – Excellent.
– I have a question. Who is this girl
and where was she last night? I definitely
wasn’t myself last night. I feel a lot more comfortable
now that everyone has a place and a station. Six, pull the vodka.
Keep going. And now you’re going
to bring them to your guests. It feels a lot better,
and I think it’s something
that this bar needs. – Appreciate it.
– Cheers. Michael:
Honestly, I’m very worried
about this stress test. – Welcome back to the kitchen.
– Thank you. We’re going to bring Tony
into the kitchen tonight and train him
as well as Lamar. But I’m actually really excited
to put a hairnet on Tony. Tony, have you ever worked
in a kitchen before? – Never worked in a kitchen.
– Go ahead and throw that on. There you go.
We’re gonna need to do
something about that hair. – So put it on?
– Put it on. Now you see why I wear this?
It’s stylish and functional. – Yeah.
– Lamar: His hairnet, I mean, he looks like
the school lunch lady.
It’s great. So we’re gonna do
a steak frites. The beauty of this dish,
it’s the simplicity of it. – Salt, pepper.
– Okay. All right, gonna go over
to the grill. On there, okay?
What we’re doing here
is we’re gonna create that beautiful crosshatch. So I’m gonna
take this off right now. I’m gonna flash it
really quick. Okay, right out of the fryer. Look at that.
Go ahead, guys. – Both: Wow.
– Time to get ready
for stress test. – Welcome back, Nick.
– Hey, thank you. Tony, I say this to you
man to man. You’ve let too many
people down. So if you guys work together,
this changes. Now it’s time for you
to make it up. We open in about
15 minutes, okay? We got this, we got this,
we got this! – Team Bistro.
– WildFire. Go, baby. All right,
let’s go. Let’s go. Welcome to
WildFire Bistro.
Come on in. How are you guys doing?
How many in your party? – Four.
– How you doing, buddy? Good, man.
How’s your night? I’ll be right there,
you guys. – Hi, honey.
– Okay, Mae’s gonna be
your server. – Thank you.
– Hi. How we doing? Six, pull it.
And there you go. Okay, so here we go.
We gotta do this again. – Godfather.
– Godfather? Let’s get some cocktails out.
These people are thirsty. I’m working on it.
I got it. Guys, we only have four tickets.
If we fall behind now, guys, when the rest of them hit,
we’re dead, right? – Yeah.
– I’m scared ( bleep ) that
we’re gonna get swamped and he’s not gonna know
what to do and I’m gonna be
back here struggling. – Have you ordered?
– Yes, sir. The drinks at least. At least drinks.
Did they take food orders
from you? – No, not yet.
– Take food orders
at the same time, okay? Good shake.
We’re going to get
your good shake. – Okay.
– You’re concentrating
on your pours. No! We never hit it
on the bar top. That’s why you get
broken glass in the well. It makes sense.
I got you. All right, we’ve got
two steak fritters. Temperature on it
is not on here. And it’s a steak frites,
not a steak fritter. Steak– streak what? – It’s not a steak fritter.
– Frites? – Frites.
– Frites. John, I need the temperature
on the steaks. – Where’s John?
– What’s that? What’s the temperature
on your steaks?
Medium well– I didn’t even know
I was supposed to ask. – Every one of them, ask.
– Okay. I’ll go find out right now. ♪ A little stressful ♪ Two of these. One, two. All right, buddy.
Did you fix those tickets? Nick, I need you
to be a manager,
not just a bartender. Go check with the kitchen.
Find out what temps
are missing. – Tony, medium on both, please.
– Medium on both.
Medium on both. – Ah, damn it. Look.
– This is a disaster. Okay? Two hands. Working alongside
the owner, Tony? What’s the next thing
that goes in? – Cheese.
– Butter. – More water?
– Butter! – Oh, butter.
– Frightening. ( groans ) Okay! Look at this.
We got a whole round out. Jon: Hi. – ( scattered cheers )
– Okay. – We’re going pretty
quick here, huh?
– Yep. We’re doing a good job
over here, but I don’t know
what’s going on in the back. Look, look, look, look.
Up straight. We have a lot of tickets
on the board, but it’s taking longer
to plate than it is
to assemble it all. Drop it in. Twist it. That, believe it or not, is a guy who put a quarter
of a million dollars into owning a restaurant. – No, bowl! Bowl.
– Bowls, okay. And he doesn’t know how
to cook a bowl of pasta. How could he possibly succeed
being so ignorant? Butter. So, we’re gonna go
somewhere else to eat. – Service is just
really slow tonight.
– Yeah. Food order to pick-up. ( no audible dialogue ) Butter. Um, they want to cancel
their food order. – You do? Okay.
– Yeah. Oh, it was dangling? Okay. Okay. I’ll put it out. You guys,
they’re canceling the order ’cause they said they saw
food hitting this plastic – and they don’t want to eat.
– I don’t blame them. – I– totally.
– I mean, disgusting.
You hear that? If I came here and you put
my food through that
00:06:08,326 –>00:00:00,000
disgusting, smeared crap,
I’d cancel my order, too.