[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to Omni
Hotels and Resorts where every day provides
us with a new opportunity to make memories for
our guests by providing service that is genuine,
authentic, and unexpected. By treating you to a world
of amazing amenities, by tempting you with
exceptional cuisine, by creating experiences that
awaken the spirit of adventure inside each and every guest,
by making sure your stay is a total departure, every Omni
offers a different experience. That’s because every
hotel is unique. Every resort is one of a kind. And every Omni
captures the spirit of the local culture,
which means each stay is different from the next. We call this our local flavor. Experience big
city sophistication at a downtown hotel. Enjoy the perfect blend
of history and luxury at a historic property. Escape from it all at one of
Omni’s destination resorts featuring world class amenities
and endless activities in sensational settings. One brand, countless experiences
waiting to be discovered. Imagine having
complimentary coffee delivered right to your door. What a delightful way
to start your day. Its just one of the many perks
for Omni select guests members. A loyalty program
that rewards you on your very first day with
free morning beverages, Wi-Fi, pressings, shoe
shines, and more. Join the program. Discover the rewards. And as a member of
Omni Select Guest, you’re also entitled
to exclusive privileges around the world. That’s because Omni is
part of the Global Hotel Alliance, a spectacular
collection of first class hotels and resorts that offer
extraordinary experiences at stunning locations
across the globe. At Omni, we understand that
a memorable stay is made up of a thousand little moments,
an open door, a welcoming smile, a sensational meal. We promise to create
those moments to ensure your stay is
unforgettable, unexpected, but total departure. From each and every
one of us, welcome to Omni Hotels and Resorts. Welcome. Welcome. Hwan yong hamnida. Welcome. Bienvenidos. Welcome to the Omni. [MUSIC PLAYING]