we’ve been kicked out and that’s okay
I’m used to it you that I believe the brophy out we’re
outside though we care a lot property where’s not that we’re still on the
property.. James Charles.. sorry.. look me up! t they’ll know okay I was excited we’re at all apart
and be kicked out of the parking lot at the Walmart oh sorry
act natural nachos I’m intrigued I’m actually intrigued though I don’t
understand why do they have nachos very confused why it’s all in dirt sorry this
is in a natural review channel it’s makeup channel so while I waited for
Jeffrey I thought I’d give you guys a hat it’s a toilet seat cover now you can
actually use it to dry off whales and sweat ladies take now I destroyed this since Shane got kicked
out and Christmas we’re gonna put these in the trunk so what was the actual
total oh my god it wasn’t bad you guys so for everything combined it was two
hundred fifty nine dollars and sixty-five cents I’m like for all them
damn clothes that is not bad bitch yeah this is a lot of stuff okay now here
we’ll bring that we’ll bring the receipt and show change and this is his juice
work all right let’s go to Olive Garden okay so Shane’s already inside Chris no
okay I’m actually starving we picked my palm okay we made it oh my
god house I think as I’ve been using toilet seat covers
it’s a half Ryland Shane you got a farm like a like a BuzzFeed so I haven’t touched up once today
actually we love a long wearing foundation okay you wanna see how much
we spent gasps did you get the Sunny Delight yeah of course we did this just
like a us a moment he’s an astronaut I’m a guessing it’s he’s a katstra not I got
another graphic tee just as an option $400 a whopping two hundred and forty
nine dollars and sixty-five cents that’s not even one of your articles of
clothing on you know anyway no I get why Tanner shops there but wait I’m actually
nervous about everything that just happened
are we gonna be on Messi Monday is there going to be a tea spell like are we
gonna be been forever what if I can never go back thank God post mates if we
need anything there’s always wigs and disguises will get me wing girl Shane come with me what this girl next
to us is a fan of meeting you and it’s her birthday where’s the bill it’s our treat is your
birthday please we’ve got you girl give us give us a surfer girl okay BAM oh I’m
here the lighting is a little rough oh my god we the same phone case Wow
but what do I do the plan I need a bathroom okay again
so Jeffrey needed gas and he’s never pumped gas before so I love that I got really frazzled
it’s so hot so he’s learning ah baby you’re doing good sweetie you
got this okay so the rolls-royce takes a lot of fucking gas girl bring coffee to
go today No thank you sir okay sometimes Nate
pumps the gas for me but Robyn pumping gas since I was 16 I’ve had my license
forever I don’t give up but I know some people think I don’t put my own gas but
I do I think we have the necessities oh the shoes why did we get so much
underwear I think the phones the best option that’s aggressive I feel like we
need I’ll get this sorry okay yes by should I lay them out on the
track record Bubastis still pumping I think there’s enough clothes for me to
have a makeover to we are already Walmart we don’t need
your right agloe down oh no this is not oh oh and these are so good to Rheinland
that’s my candy I order this is that’s what happens just squirt it suck it
right up I’ve been doing that my whole life okay
razor oh my god this is actually bad like I can’t eat this
you can’t even refreeze that there’s a bathroom right there yeah so look at how
many roaches are clean gas station I’m shocked I think that we need to buy
something like a water so they give us the key to get in there okay I got the
water okay I was just getting fruit and water because I’m healthy oh there
we go I got the backpack oh that’s a let’s look at an illegal
nightstick hi ma’am how many people you think of touch this now this is gonna be
a little different than your normal closet set so we I’m excited I was so
while does it or any other side sim can come in here I love that come in
wait wait there’s come on the mirror you know
some of my favorite YouTube channels are reviewing public bathrooms they do that
to be fucking serious yeah so I guess what I’ll do what no
shame there has to be like a decorative image you know there is that should I
keep your coochie like safe on my life what does have the rear silicon has been
all I’m changing I love boyar ism I think so you know changing or whatever
do you need help no I think you should give us a review okay music I’m a quick
changer all the heat blocks it up hold the key here yeah I’ll go give that back I just got gangbanged I love that he tells strangers that we
just had a gangbang in a gas station bathroom same
I don’t know if I can do this hold on exercise you’re humbling bringing you
down to earth gucchi we don’t care about her trash
why are you doing wait there’s money another way no it looks good but that
I’m reviewing bitch that’s kind of everything
I’m so sad it’s not the fourth of July you’d have killed it heylia stylist why
am I so good at it what’s up dawg how are you doing bro you look really nice fuck I arrived girl other thing you guys
left my redbull on the floor he threw my clothes on the floor now I get to drink
off the floor we left her this was work yes mommy
yes we love her so where do we go for real trying to
think of something somewhere we won’t get kicked out of I smell hand sanitizer
and Ryland didn’t offer me here you go I got it this isn’t everyday for you right
I use it after I touch it I wasn’t expecting the track but I appreciate it
okay sorry we have to carry this no no no no open your trunk
this has the key to my car okay okay Oh oh my god okay let’s just put like my
credit card in the kanaky okay will you get my keys yes okay I don’t know where
we’re going we’re at the mall there’s Target Home Depot this key has Wi-Fi
sorry why I think um Bluetooth um okay so I don’t know where we’re going I’m
scared but Shane dad where are you taking us
well I was thinking you know Geoffrey’s used to Luigi makeup
and like over trying $500,000,000 foundation and stuff that I don’t
understand so I was trying to think like what’s like a normal makeup place so far
right what that’s like a normal range I don’t know that much but I know that
before it’s like reasonably priced that’s also everything no because the
people that work at Sephora are likely to know who he is and what he feels and
I’m seeing him dressed like this they’re gonna think that you fell off or that
you had a scandal he barked my old manager was this song Glen : that’s
crazy work I’m wearing vintage Chanel I love it
your tumblr nice to meet you Shan is my stylist for the day so I
don’t need to come in here look so good Walmart letting her wear
socks oh my god Louis Vuitton was closing they denied me
an act the 90 access girl did not say that
but they were already closing so I love that they can just decide to close early
like you know good babysitter’s okay Shea gue geez up looking like this I’m
not wanted in there this is a really nice story I thought
it’d be like this expensive I thought it was like a reasonable no one will help
me cuz that look like this is it an airbrusher what is that I don’t
know this is what I look like what you guys know that I didn’t really
get a good mirror in there it was like it hovered in that weird
so tonight and I’ve never let me get a curse of myself Wow big reveal don’t cry you’re gonna be
okay do you feel like people aren’t
approaching you cuz you’re not in Gucci yeah there’s no one cares about me I
love it are we buying something here I use this
deals I’m just kidding highest vib Rouge member thank you okay
so Shane over here so Shane Walmart for the day so can we all critique my look
it’s a jeffree star fruit awesome what highlight are you wearing
beautiful like bam we saw the highlight did you say you were sweating in here
I’m so hot girl oh my god thank you Brian’s ruining the most expensive
skincare do you have a good moisturizer at home no James is telling me that the
talk shows where I need to go I’m getting the water cream I just used that
I am going to get you a luminous dewy I love saliva Shan it’s really great for
Luke when you’re out but hold this dentistry are you in a sense main care
you don’t care oh no I love sunscreen great yeah look we didn’t make a wish so
cool yeah we do Clarence’s baby wait I thought this was this is a fancy store
what about there man we good okay so we she said a roller would be
good on my budget so Parata candy smells amazing rub your wrist together get some of that
Oh should we get all of our amazing stuff
oh yeah I’ll get my own I’ll get my old clothes all that trash I’m sorry look at all that underwear this thought
I couldn’t flop at the underwear doesn’t eat know that you’re no no no he does
that okay so you guys right there delicious
all right I’ve spent all of our Oh all right Shane don’t look at Shane I
wanted to bring Geoffrey down to earth a little bit because these are the stars
and we want him down here a little bit and where you from in a little suburb in
Michigan from Wyoming exactly that I mean I used to shovel Walmart come on oh those camo shorts huh baby
I mean you look very American yes Shane bought me a Chanel no way oh yeah
oh yeah how are we feeling babe these cargo oh this belt I actually owned this
same belt shut up on your belt these are actually your clothes oh you still love
me yeah baby literally the G versus Walmart oh my god
Rylan suing I don’t know what these are yeah actually I don’t know yeah
myrcella’s are like blah come on you’re gonna know are you kidding me honey so
how do you feel honestly um okay I feel really comfy like I almost know
kind of depressing kind of important I told you that’s what I said I’m like you
have to because it’s so comfortable you’re free and you can be yourself you
don’t have to be a bitch eat out all the time
hmm oh yeah I’m actually gonna wear these later so see you got to cheer
clothes mm-hmm and this outfit in toto is probably less than $30 I think it
works if we’re gonna be friends we need to be on the same level you know what I
mean next time you’re driving my Jeep at least save the outfit for when we come
over thank you so much Walmart uh-huh oh they kicked out oh my god Nate doesn’t
know how I’ve had a rough day I change at a gas station Shane threw
the clothes on the actual ground I know I know
mommy will take it off shortly I’m so sorry okay David until the morning no
one’s gonna be able to sleep tonight oh my god hi journey what a day what um
please fill me up sir I just want to say I had so much fun today almost getting
rested almost dying it was a very eventful I think every time we’re
together it’s like the plants can’t handle it it’s a little warm from
rotting in the trunk but I don’t mind it me too has a bite to it oh I feel like
this was a perfect introduction to your new lifestyle
okay have you know riches-to-rags okay but seriously if you aren’t gonna wear
these clothes I’ll take them cuz I all probably fit in
them but it’s fine this sure I want it I really want this I’m not getting like
this could be a cute shirt to sleep in Nate wears it once it smells like him I
wear it when he’s not here yeah you should do a giveaway zero comments this
is an interesting experience hi I didn’t know what to expect today I
thought you were gonna paint me but I think this was life-changing
I loved that I did this I’m proud of you were surviving it and I’m proud of your
bathroom for handling my Olive Garden aftermath oh my god honestly I mean no
I’m not gonna be late for the plumbing bill that would be rude you know what’s
really weird for some reason I’m like turned on by your foreheads well like if
you weren’t if you were single Rylan I was like so white woah this sweat and
lick it off I don’t want to I know Rylan does that so I don’t want
to take his turn oh we lovers yeah Nate shows me sometimes on the road link in
the description for my makeup stop it oh my god you taste kind of wealthy thank
you yeah I’m it’s okay okay me take the
money’s not from Adsense okay yeah it’s not bad it’s cute it almost tastes like
the seasoning on those lasagna fritters Omar you guys thank you so much for
watching another amazing video our series is coming I promise Shane didn’t
delete the footage I actually showed up I’m not Tana it’s all there it’s coming
and we’re really excited I’m I’m proud of it I’m part of everything that we’ve
done so just put your seatbelt on it’s coming in August and yeah this was a
crazy journey today I never knew I would go and to Walmart and buy a full outfit
on the real I never thought of doing that I knew you could yeah you
you know I could take it thank you guys so much for watching of course if you’re
not already subscribed to Shane everything is linked down below and um
that was it man I I want more sweat love you guys mwah