Good morning! Selemat Pagi. That’s good morning in Indonesian. Did you just look that up? No. Yes you did. I saw you on your phone. Alright you guys. after getting married we left for our honeymoon. We flew from Atlanta all the way to Bali, Indonesia. Well actually we flew from Atlanta to Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore and then to Bali. We made it to Bali! Oh my God you guys, I am melting. I forgot how hot it gets in Bali and i’m still in the airport! It’s super duper humid. After flying from Atlanta to LA to Tokyo to Singapore, we are now in Bali and we are in uber right now because we have an hour and a half to go to get to hotel in Ubud. So we’re taking Uber to Ubud. For the first few days of our honeymoon we chose to stay in Ubud the cultural center of Bali. It’s known for its traditional arts and crafts and dance which I experienced the last time I came to Bali with my friends But I promised Karl that on our honeymoon we would do a little less of my typical fast-paced adventure travel and focus more on peace and relaxation. Hello, please Once again, welcome to Como Ubud Orange juice, pineapple juice, with spices and gingerale on top. Oh delicious. So we picked the perfect place to relax the first couple of days, a hotel called Como Uma Ubud. here’s how we spent our time there So this is our room number right here. As you can see we’re in a secret garden type area. A path leading to an amazing room. Please. Thank you The bedroom. Wow this is so nice. Wow this is amazing. What do you think Karl? I love it. Nice – we got our own little patio. This is beautiful. We like. Thank you. This is the first hotel we’ll be staying at on our honeymoon And it’s so pretty. When we walk in you get your own koi pond. That’s so interesting And then you have two rooms, if you go left you have the bedroom, if you go right you have the bathroom, which I’m super excited about because it’s been a long day and a half of trying to get here and i will definitely be soaking in that bath tub. Good morning, we just had breakfast and we’re actually on an 8am morning walk and we’re headed toa rice field so I think it’s going to be really pretty so we’re going to show you what that looks like in just a second. We’re at a rice field but I feel like we’re in the middle of the jungle right now. There’s actually like a restaurant over here that will allow you to come here and pick your own vegetables or whatever you want to eat and then they’ll cook it for you. Pretty cool experience. Don’t want to get picked by that. Picke me up I’m trying to put the camera up there. Ok. Wait. Let go. Well Karl obviously like this breakfast. There’s nothing left. I have idea what’s in this green goddess sauce, but it tastes delicious. Mmm. This property is a lot bigger than I thought it was. Karl actually got lost last night didn’t you? I thought I was going the right way and obviously I wasn’t. Were you drunk? A little but after a while I just took a nap, gave up, took a nap by the infinity pool and then resumed and 20 minutes later and finall just asked for directions. See I can’t let him walk around by himself. Now I did promise Karl that we would relax on our honeymoon so we ate some good food, we drink some wine and wound down and we even did some yoga. Yeah I got CKarl to do yoga. Not something I ever thought I get him to do. But when in Bali… After getting some good stretches in, we got a much needed massage. It was just what we needed after the long journey it took to get to Bali. On the next episode we check out and head to a region in southern Bali and you won’t believe the amazing private estate we got to stay in. My mind is blown right now. It’s pretty crazy guys so give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube channel to keep up with our ongoing honeymoon adventures. See you next week!