– Oh my god! – [Terry] What? – This is the most amazing elevator. – [Terry] (whistles) See you later! (upbeat music) – [Gunnarolla] Hey
everyone, Gunnarolla here and this weekend our Asian Snack Squad is living the high life with a luxury getaway in Parq Vancouver. This downtown entertainment complex houses two luxury hotels,
eight restaurants and lounges, a spa and casino. – We’re here! We’re going to the JW
Mariott Parq Vancouver. (groovy music) – 25th floor, 25th floor! Okay, let’s go to our room! The JW Mariottt features
over 300 guest rooms including luxury suites
and a two-floor villa. Oh my god! – [Terry] Wow. – Oh my god. We’re checking into the Sky Suite, although they should consider
naming it the Oh My God Suite because, oh my god. Oh my god. – Oh my god! – Look at this living room! (Terry whistles)
– This is crazy! – [Sylvia] I’m in shock. – The desk! – [Sylvia] Oh my god, this is my dream. – Oh my god, the detailing, this marble. – This is so your vibe. – This is my vibe! It’s marble and gold.
– Marble, gold– – And black. – Yes, neutrals, marble, gold. Look at this table! – This den! – Ah! Velvet, oh my! Look how big this TV is. Hello! – We don’t have to leave the suite.
– We’re never leaving. – Everything here is just so opulent and– – Look a the lines in the ceiling! – [Sylvia] This is breathtaking. Oh my god! – [Gunnarolla] It’s all for
you baby. (Sylvia laughing) – Oh my god! Okay, first of all– – Black marble and, look at the mirror, how it has this like,
printed screen on it. – (whispers) So cool. Oh my god, it keeps going! – Oh! What is this?
– This is ridiculous! – I legit thought this
would just be a bedroom. It keeps going. We get free water. – [Sylvia] Oh! – Okay. Oh my god! (Sylvia laughing) (Gunnarolla mumbles) – [Sylvia] We’re gonna get lost in here! – We are, we could play hide and seek. – [Sylvia] Oh my god. This is incredible. – Oh my gosh, rainfall shower head. – [Sylvia] The marble! – And we get Molton Brown bath products. Wow! Master bedroom. – [Sylvia] I love this. Look at this black marble and gold. – [Gunnarolla] It’s so sleek! – Look at this view! – [Sylvia And Terry] Oh my gosh. – Oh look, the even put my name! – [Sylvia And Terry] Aww! (Gunarolla laughs)
Master bathroom. We have a sexy shower, look at this. – [Terry] Oh wow! – [Gunnarolla] Black marble,
rainfall shower head. (laughing) – That’s so deep! – So this is what it feels like to live. – This is Crazy Rich Asians. We are actually living
it in reality right now. – Dreams do come true. – Ooh! Thank you, Andrew! – Thank you, Mariott. – Thank you, Vancouver! – Andrew, Sylvia, Terry and Istiana, welcome to the JW Mariott Parq Vancouver. We are so delighted to
have you stay with us and hope that you have great
fun filming the resort. – Alright, we’re going down to the spa. – [Gunnarolla] On the 17th
floor of Parq Vancouver, you’ll find an incredible
rooftop aqua lounge and fully-equipped fitness center with every machine and
free weight you could need. There’s also the Spa by JW, the first of its brand in Canada. Vancouver is pretty chill as it is but this spa takes
things to the next level. – We’re in the spa now
so we have to be quiet but it’s beautiful and it smells so good. – [Gunnarolla] I already feel more relaxed than I was five minutes ago. – The view is stunning. Just take a look. (cheerful airy music) – With a beautiful massage room that overlooks BC Place, it’s the perfect spot to recharge. Alright, that’s where our tour ends. – It’s time to get our massage. – [Gunnarolla] (whispers) See ya. – [Gunnarolla] If you’re feeling peckish, the private Executive
Lounge has an abundance of snacks and drinks to
get you through the day. With breakfast served in the morning hours and hors d’oeurves in the evening. – [Istiana] Here we are! – We’ve got vegetables,
salads, fresh fruits – [Sylvia] Cheese and crackers. – [Istiana] Cheese. Got the meat. – [Sylvia] Snack game on point. – [Istiana] Mm. – [Gunnarollaa] Tonight we’re getting ready for a special evening, starting with a private baccarat lesson hosted in one of the V.I.P. salons. – Fancy Asians. (shoes clattering) (laughing) (swanky music) – So this is where some of
the higher end clientele would come and enjoy these salons, right? Usually the table limits in these salons would be $500 minimum to $50,000 max, right? – Okay. – Ready for that? – Do I have that much in my bank account? – So yeah. (swanky music) (laughing) (cheering) – One more of those, one more of those. (groaning) – Sylvia– Sorry guys, sorry.
– go home! – Sorry. – K, this is a sign I need to
gamble tonight. (clamoring) – [Gunnarolla] If the stakes at the casino are too high for you, you
can stick to eating them at one of the restaurants on-ste. Sorry, that was a really bad pun. (cheerful airy music) Tonight we’re dining at The Victor, an upscale steak and seafood restaurant located on the 6th floor of Parq. You’ll find premium
drinks, inventive dishes, and unrivaled hospitality. It’s the perfect place to
take a group of friends to finish up the night. (cheerful airy music) Can I show you this crab leg? Look at how meaty that is! – Look at my plate right now. – [Gunnarolla] Uh! There’s a crab leg, a
giant shrimp, wagyu steak, porterhouse steak, brussel sprouts and mac and cheese waffle. – All the premium food groups here today. This is wild. What do you guys think? – This is like the greatest
dinner I’ve ever had. – [Gunnarolla] Honestly, truly the best seafood, steak, veggies,
an onion ring tree! – We are truly blessed. Thank you so much JW
Mariottt Parq Vancouver. We’re speechless. Here, here! Cheers, happy birthday, baby. Happy birthday, Andrew!
– Happy birthday! (cheerful airy music) – [Gunnarolla] So that was just a taste of some of the things
to do in Parq Vancouver. If you’re looking for a
luxurious weekend getaway, or a just a refined night out, get a group of friends together
and make your way down. Thanks for watching! Make sure to check out
some of the other videos featuring the Asian Snack Squad and subscribe for more food and travel. See you next time! A la prochaine. (cheerful airy music)